What Are the Different Types of Dreadlocks Accessories?

Donna Tinus

Dreadlocks hats, beads, or clips are a few of the dreadlocks accessories available. People who sport the dreadlocks style often enjoy enhancing their look with attractive and colorful accessories. Dreadlocks jewelry or sticks are another way for women to add something pretty to enhance their hair.

Clips, bands and hair sticks are all commonly used dreadlocks accessories.
Clips, bands and hair sticks are all commonly used dreadlocks accessories.

Active people will use dreadlocks bands to keep their dreads out of their face while they're playing sports or working out. These are thick bands, larger than regular rubber bands, and are usually used to hold all the dreads together after they've been gathered on the back of the head. Some people will use a strip of cloth or ribbon to tie the locks together. Homemade dreadlocks accessories are popular among cost-conscious dreadlocks wearers.

There are a number of accessories available to enhance dreadlocks.
There are a number of accessories available to enhance dreadlocks.

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Clips that hold twists in place are one form of dreadlocks accessories that perform a function in addition to looking nice. They are often used by women, who may prefer the feminine flowers or feathers. Users should keep in mind that these dreadlocks accessories can pull out hair, and very thick dreadlocks may be too thick for some clips.

Hair sticks can secure dreadlocks that have been piled into a bun, or they can add decoration to dreadlocks that have been styled into an updo. When someone is using hair sticks, she needs to be certain she's not piercing her dreadlocks in the process. The hair stick should weave in between the dreads, not go into any of them.

Brightly colored dreadlocks beads are popular among hard-core dreadlocks wearers. These dreadlocks accessories come in a wide variety of colors and styles. Colorful wooden or plastic beads are often worn by women and men. Women often enjoy wearing alluring glass or shell beads. People who slide beads onto their dreadlocks should be mindful of the inside of the bead. Metallic finishes will often chip off and become ingrained into the dread.

The most popular dreadlocks accessory might be the dreadlocks tam hat. The dreadlocks tam is worn by both men and women as a way to keep their dreadlocks pinned back and out of the way. Tams are available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, such as cotton or acrylic. Cotton tams are especially useful in the summer heat, since they keep the hair off the wearer's neck, and absorb perspiration.

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