What are the Different Types of Dog Grooming Courses?

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Dog grooming courses are designed to prepare people for work as dog groomers. There are a number of different approaching to grooming and grooming courses which should be considered when evaluating training programs. Choosing the right dog grooming courses is important to avoid signing up for a program which will not meet the needs of the student. As always when seeking professional training, students should seek out accredited schools, and schools with a good reputation in the professional community and with organizations which evaluate businesses, such as the Better Business Bureau.

Both on site and online dog grooming courses are available. Taking dog grooming courses online can be appealing for people who want to set their own schedule and who cannot travel. Such courses usually come with written material, videos, and tests, with students being expected to practice on their own. On site courses provide students with access to a grooming facility and practice dogs. Both should provide a thorough grounding in dog care, including a discussion of emergency medical treatment for dogs, dog nutrition, and similar topics.


Some dog grooming courses culminate with a professional certification which is designed to make someone immediately employable after graduation. People taking dog grooming courses may want to think about where they want to work; some programs focus on basic grooming for pets, others provide dog styling tips for show animals, and others teach people how to care for working dogs such as police dogs and sheep dogs. Dog grooming courses may also focus on the care of a particular breed of dogs, and it is important to take courses which span a variety of breeds to learn about special needs.

For those who want to start a dog grooming or pet sitting business, dog grooming courses which provide basic information about running a business may be helpful. These courses should include a discussion of how to start a business, along with classes in topics related to administrating and managing a business, so that students are familiar with information which they will need as they run their businesses.

Dog grooming courses can cover topics like: dog bathing, basic grooming, styling, training, nail care, coat care, dog nutrition, and special breed concerns. The broader the spectrum of courses a groomer takes, the more employable he or she will be. Students taking courses at an on site facility should make sure to inquire about whether or not practice dogs representative of an array of breeds and mixed breeds are available.


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