What Are the Different Types of Document Controller Jobs?

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Document controller jobs involve reviewing written material for a company to ensure that it adheres to a particular set of standards. In government-regulated industries such as healthcare or education, these professionals may be responsible for ensuring uniform procedures for document review, change management, and storage as mandated by regulatory agencies. Document control may also be incorporated with other professional roles, including technical writers or quality assurance personnel. There also are a number of software packages that are built to help companies manage document life cycles, and document controller jobs may involve working with these programs. These professionals may also work with outside vendors, including printers, translators, and proofreaders, to ensure that corporate standards are maintained during all stages of document production.

One corporate area where document controller jobs are often available is regulatory compliance. Their positions may include updating and reviewing procedural documentation to make sure it reflects the most recent practices in the company as well as providing notification of any changes to the relevant regulatory bodies. Document controllers may also be responsible for identifying legal requirements for change documentation and making sure that any corporate changes are properly communicated and executed. Document controller jobs in regulatory affairs are usually not entry-level positions, as they require some level of familiarity with the company or with the government agencies that are involved in the particular industry.


Other document controller jobs may be available for entry-level applicants and often involve more basic administrative functions, such as updating document databases and filing system, as well as assigning identification numbers to literature. They may also be responsible for facilitating documentation review and auditing by both internal and external groups. These duties may be combined with other general administrative functions like data entry and file management.

The vast majority of business entities use document control software to identify, update, and store their literature. Some document controller jobs consist of using this software to update and maintain electronic information systems. People working in this area may also gather relevant documentation for archiving and help to ensure that public documents adhere to corporate standards for branding and legal concerns. They may also ensure that documentation records are current and comply with relevant policies and procedures for document control. Other employees may look to these professionals for guidance when seeking corporate literature. They may also assist with preparation of written pieces such as bids, proposals, and grant applications by ensuring they follow the applicable requirements.


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