What are the Different Types of do-It-Yourself Wiring Projects?

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There are many different types of do-it-yourself wiring projects a person can choose to work on around his or her own home or business. One of the most common types of projects is an interior wiring project that involves electrical wiring inside a building. There are also many different exterior wiring projects a person can work on, such as adding lights or other electrical features to an outdoor area. Someone can also work on do-it-yourself wiring for minor appliances and electrical devices, such as rewiring lamps or installing a ceiling fan.

Do-it-yourself wiring projects typically cover any type of work that a person can do in his or her own home or business that involves electrical wiring and devices. Care should be taken before performing any kind of wiring project, however, since the electrical currents that run through a building are usually quite powerful. Before someone undertakes any do-it-yourself wiring project, he or she should be sure that the circuits are off to the area he or she is working on, or that any electronic device the person is working on has been unplugged from a power supply.


Interior do-it-yourself wiring projects typically cover various projects and tasks a person can undertake within his or her home or business. These can include anything from replacing a power outlet or adding a new power outlet or switch to replacing or installing circuit breakers. Someone can also alter existing electrical wiring as part of a do-it-yourself wiring project, by adding additional switches to a wall or running wiring for audio or video equipment through a wall.

Exterior do-it-yourself wiring projects, on the other hand, usually involve work that is done outside of a home or building. This can include adding new external lighting to a building, either through permanent fixtures or installation of path lighting. These lights can be connected to a power switch, which may also be installed during this type of project. Outdoor projects can also involve adding new power outlets to the exterior of a building and installing outdoor electrical ovens, heaters, and fans.

There are also do-it-yourself wiring projects that can be performed on small appliances and electrical devices a person may own. One common project is rewiring a lamp, usually to connect a longer wire to the lamp or to replace a wire that has been damaged through use over time. Installing a ceiling fan can also be a fairly complicated wiring project, especially if there is not a mounting bracket already present for a fan, which can involve interior wire work as well.


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