What Are the Different Types of DIY Kitchen Projects?

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The different types of DIY kitchen projects will vary according to the homeowner's skill level when it comes to carpentry and other skills necessary to complete common construction tasks. Projects may range from the very simple, such as purchasing storage bins and organizing them in cabinets, to more advanced projects such as installing or replacing cabinets and countertops. Building an island is a more involved task, especially if the island will feature plumbing, electricity, or any hook-ups for kitchen utilities. DIY kitchen projects are usually less expensive than hiring a contractor, but they will be more time consuming.

One of the most common DIY kitchen projects is installing a backsplash. A backsplash is mounted on the wall above a stove, sink, or around the perimeter of a countertop. The purpose of this unit is to protect the wall from moisture and food splatters common during the cooking process. The materials used for this DIY kitchen project will vary, though tile is a common choice because it is relatively easy to install and clean and quite attractive once installed completely. The tile can be cleaned easily with a damp rag should splashes occur, and it will remain attractive for many years. Stainless steel backsplashes are available for more industrial kitchens, though the aesthetic is not quite as pleasing for home kitchens.


Another DIY kitchen project that is fairly common is a countertop replacement or installation. This project is a moderately difficult project, depending on what type of countertop is being installed. Marble countertops, for example, will be more difficult to install because marble requires special tools to cut, and it is exceptionally heavy, making installation troublesome for only one or two people. Other lighter countertop materials that are easier to cut are much easier to install. This type of DIY kitchen project can usually be done in a couple of hours if done correctly, though it is important to spend a fair amount of time correctly installing the sink when replacing countertops.

Adding lighting to the kitchen is a worthwhile investment that will produce immediate positive results. Track lighting or under-cabinet lights can be installed easily, though some knowledge of electrical systems will be necessary. Power to the kitchen will need to be cut, which means temporary lights may be necessary during the project. Wiring will need to be put in if the lights will be operated by a wall-mounted switch, though under-cabinet lights can usually be installed and plugged into an outlet in only a few minutes.


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