What Are the Different Types of DIY House Projects?

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The types of DIY house projects one can do will depend on that person's carpentry skills; someone with limited carpentry skills will be able to do some DIY house projects, but not nearly as many as someone with basic or moderate carpentry skills. An advanced carpenter can tackle even more DIY projects. Those homeowners without carpentry skills at all may be limited to simpler redecorating projects, though with a bit of research, they can do some DIY projects that are more advanced. Installing a coat rack, for example, is a fairly easy process that anyone with a drill can do.

Space-saving DIY house projects are perhaps some of the most common DIY projects a homeowner will undertake. This may mean something as simple as reorganizing a closet space using closet organizers such as shoe racks, door units, shelving and drawer units, and so on. It may also mean redesigning a laundry room to include fold-down tables, elevated washer and dryer stands, and installing tile on the floors for water resistance and easy cleaning. All of these processes can be done fairly easily, though some research will be necessary to do DIY house projects that use specific tools or require the purchase of specific materials such as tile and glues to install the tiles.


Painting is another common DIY house project that can be done with little or no previous experience. It will be important to do the projects properly, however, and one of the most commonly skipped steps in the painting process is the application of primer. Primer helps the paint apply more evenly to a surface, and it can even help cover up the previous layer of paint to prevent it from showing through. Several layers of paint is almost always necessary, and the first coat must dry sufficiently before the next coat is applied. Painting projects can, therefore, take all day or even several days, depending on what is being painted.

DIY house projects can be done outside the home as well. Repairing damaged gutters, trimming hedges, mowing lawns, planting gardens, and even building outdoor patio spaces are all projects the homeowner can do on his or her own with a bit of research and patience. A DIY patio space will take a day or several days to build, though little previous building experience will be necessary, and in many cases, the investment in tools will be quite low.


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Post 3

Whenever I am looking for a new DIY project I go to the library and start looking though the non fiction section. My local branch has dozens and dozens of books about projects you can do in your own home. These range from lawn projects to construction projects to energy saving projects to art projects. I always leave with some inspiration and a lot of great information.

Post 2

I think the very best DIY house project you can do is to set up a vegetable garden. This is a fun and rewarding project that will put food on your table year round if you care for it properly.

Also, gardening is great exercise, your yard will look beautiful with the veggies growing, you will get to connect with the land, you can experiment and you will have gifts to give away to friends and neighbors. What other project could be so rewarding?

Post 1

Here is a cool DIY house project that someone told me about just the other day.

If you have a yard that has wooden fencing you can drill small sized holes all over the fence and then stuff marbles into the holes. It provides a cool color contrast to the grain of the wood and when the sun rises or sets the light shines through the marbles and makes the fence glow in a rainbow of colors. It is a cool idea and really easy to do. I hope to get mine set up before the summer.

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