What Are the Different Types of DIY Art Projects?

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There are many different types of DIY art projects. Art is, at its heart, a do it yourself type of activity. From painting to sculpture to glass blowing, all artists typically do their art themselves. Most people looking for DIY art projects are more interested, however, in art that can be displayed in the home and made cheaply. These types of projects are also numerous and may involve found or recycled materials put together in simple but attractive ways.

Some of the most common DIY art projects involve paper, both printed and plain. Framing unusual images, making collages, and otherwise selecting pictures one finds attractive can make great DIY wall art. Anything can be framed, including wallpaper, postcards, and the patterned side of security envelopes. DIY art projects using paper are not only about selecting the right pictures, but also about choosing the best presentation as well. One way to make this type of wall art more attractive is to spray paint all the frames being used the same color.


Found items can make great DIY art materials. Anything found at a thrift store can be painted, and anything that is painted can be art. Painting vases, lamps, pots, and other solid items may take a little experimentation but can yield great results. Breaking down used plates and using them for mosaics can be very attractive, and sewing together different parts of old clothing can yield beautiful fabric art. The key to this type of art is seeing old items not for what they are but for what they could be.

Children can also make a number of DIY art projects involving age-appropriate materials and tools, sometimes requiring adult assistance. Gluing buttons and sequins is always a favorite with children, as is anything involving making a mess. Finger painting and play dough are perhaps the most classic children's DIY art projects, but many more possibilities exist. For example, making sock puppets out of scraps, alligators out of laundry clips, and decorating old hats can all make excellent DIY projects that do not require much monetary investment.

DIY art projects are as versatile as the artists making the projects. Any material can become part of an art project, and the finished result is limited only by the artist's talent and dedication. In order to explore the different types of DIY art projects, it may be best to start by looking at arts and crafts books or online at DIY art sites. One may find that ideas for art projects are inspired by looking at all the many kinds of DIY art that already exist.


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Post 3

Collage is probably my favorite DIY craft idea. It requires so few supplies and there is so much artistic potential.

I went to art school and most of my work was collage based. I had been doing it since I was a kid and I decided it was the medium I worked best in.

My work got larger and larger in scale. My thesis project included one piece the was 20feet by 20 feet. It took me 6 months to collect and apply all the images.

Post 2

I am always looking for art projects for kids. I have three kids and look after two more most days. It is a full time job trying to keep those kids entertained.

We do a lot of coloring and painting. Once we made masks and another time we made kites. I have a few books from the library that have a lot of great suggestions but sometimes I don't have the time or the patience to do the more complicated projects.

Post 1

Book making is probably my favorite kind of DIY art project. There are literally hundreds of different ways to make a book filled with blank pages that you can then fill with pictures and text. It is such a satisfying project because it encompasses so many different artistic pursuits.

Making the book is like making a sculpture and it requires a number of different techniques. Once the book is made you have a series of blank pages that you can fill with anything that sparks your imagination. Write a short story or a comic or fill it with drawings of flowers of your friends faces. There is no limit to what you can do and once it is done you have a handsome way to show off your work.

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