What Are the Different Types of Dishwasher Hoses?

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The two main types of dishwasher hoses are used to supply fresh water, and to drain away soiled water. Dishwasher supply hoses are typically threaded on each end, and are often made of steel mesh and other pressure resistant materials. These dishwasher hoses are also available in a variety of lengths, since dishwashers are not always located right next to a water supply line. Dishwasher drain hoses are usually rubber or plastic, and are designed for low pressure use. These dishwasher hoses are sometimes also designed for use with an air gap, which is a component that can prevent sink waste water from draining back into a dishwasher.

Dishwashers are appliances that use water to automatically clean dishes, pans, glasses, and other items. That means these appliances need two different types of hoses in order to function. Each of these types of dishwasher hoses are available in a number of different configurations and construction materials.

The first type of dishwasher hose is used to supply the water. These hoses typically have threaded ends, which allows them to be screwed tightly onto a water supply line and the water inlet of a dishwasher. Since the water from the supply line is pressurized, these hoses typically also need to withstand a certain amount of pressure. Rubber and plastics are sometimes used, though a steel mesh covering is common as well.


Dishwasher hoses are also used to drain away dirty water after a wash cycle has completed. Dishwashers typically pump water out at a relatively low pressure, and these hoses are usually secured with clamps instead of screw fittings. Some dishwasher drain hoses are quite long, so that they can be looped up near the bottom side of a counter. That can prevent sink waste water from backing up into the dishwasher. Other dishwasher drain hoses are designed for use with an air gap, which is a component that is installed through a counter and performs the same function.

Portable dishwashers use a type of combined hose unit that performs both the supply and drain functions. These dishwasher hoses typically have a unicoupler on one end, which is a component that is designed to securely attach to a sink faucet. The supply line in these hoses is able to connect to a faucet by way of the unicoupler, which is how the portable dishwasher receives water. A unicoupler will typically also have a vent on the bottom side that the drain hose connects to, allowing dirty water from the portable dishwasher to be emptied directly into the sink.


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