What Are the Different Types of Direct Sales Software?

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The different types of direct sales software are typically designed to organize various parts of a sales representative's business. These software programs and packages can keep track of sales and inventory, customers, and various other business concerns. Two specific types of direct sales software are multi-level marketing (MLM) and party planning programs. Multi-level marketing software typically allows a direct sales representative to keep track of all the agents working under him, along with various other features. Party planning software can automate many of the tasks required for this sales technique and make it easier to keep track of new customers and the purchases they make.

Many direct sales representatives work without direct support from the direct sales company, and some even operate their own distinct businesses. In order to facilitate this, direct sales software can help organize and automate many facets of the representative's job. Separate software programs can be obtained to perform individual functions, or suites may handle many of the necessary facets in a unified manner. These direct sales software suites can often store client details, sales histories, and pending sales. Inventory control and shipping management tools are often available as well.


Other types of direct sales software can keep track of business details over time and generate a variety of reports. These programs can be useful when figuring out how much money has been grossed and netted, which can be used to determine how much personal or business income tax is owed. Other reports may show sales trends that can help determine which products to order in the future.

For direct sales representatives that work in a multi-level marketing environment, special software can help keep track of the sales staff. This type of direct sales software can often be adjusted for a variety of different MLM sales structures in order to show how much of a commission is owed by each salesperson. There may be functionality included to view a detailed sales history for each representative or to make notes about them.

Party planning is one specific task that direct sales software can assist in. The sales party is one method that many direct sales agents use to gather large groups together. To that end, this type of software can be used to collate names and addresses as well as generate invitations. Some party planning software also includes a specific function to help book parties. Other features can let the sales representative set allowances for host gifts or credits, or special shipping options for party guests that make purchases.


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