What are the Different Types of Digital Thermometers?

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There are many different types of digital thermometers, depending on the use and the situation. The most common type include those used for checking body temperature, air temperature and food temperature. These thermometers, while relatively recent inventions, are still very affordable.

Digital thermometers work by making use of a temperature sensor called a thermoresister. This device changes it resistance based on what the temperature is. Sensors, usually some type of circuit board or very low-powered computer, then take that information and interpret it into a temperature. Digital thermometers then display that on an easy-to-read layout.

The most common type of digital thermometer in the home is likely that associated with the thermostat. Though a thermostat can be the traditional dial thermometer, many are choosing to use digital thermometers not only for the easy reading layout but also the fact they are programmable. However, in many cases, the temperature sending properties work the same.

This is also true for an outside thermometer that transmits temperatures to a digital readout. Wireless digital thermometers have more technology, simply because they transmit data from one location to another, usually over a relatively short distance of 100 feet (35 meters) or less. In some cases, these may have two readouts, one at the sensor and one on a receiver inside the home. This makes it convenient for those to see the temperature wherever they are.


Digital thermometers are also popular tools for detecting body temperature. Traditional body temperature thermometers are notoriously hard to read, especially for those with limited vision. The digital thermometer makes this task much easier as well by providing a well-contrasted reading. This helps take some of the guesswork out of what the temperature is. Popular digital thermometers for this purpose include those used in the mouth and those used in the ear.

Digital thermometers sometimes make use of infrared technology in order to provide an accurate measure of temperature. An infrared technology is a specialized device that many people may not have a great deal of use for. It measures the radiation given off by an object. It can be useful, for example, to firefighters trying to find the source of a fire. For anglers wanting to know water temperature in order to plan their fishing activities, these devices can also be very helpful.

Typically, the pricing for digital thermometers is dependent upon their use and the amount of technology that goes into them. A simple body temperature thermometer can be purchased for less than $10 US Dollars (USD). Others may cost significantly more. First, determine what the use will be then shop around for the best deals, remembering that overall quality, not just the digital label, is still extremely important.


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