What are the Different Types of Digital Media Jobs?

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The way many companies do business has been transformed by digital media. Digital media jobs are available in various fields. The many jobs available allow digital media enthusiasts to work with everything from high-tech gadgets, to website construction, and even fine art. While some jobs are accessible to entry-level digital media buffs, some require highly specialized training or vocational experience.

The most widely visible type of digital media job is that of a salesperson. Digital media is essentially any type of visual or audio media that uses a computer during the creation or editing process. Digitized visual and audio media allows for quicker professional editing and reproduction, but it also provides these same benefits to amateurs. Digital media salespeople are trained to provide novice users with product information and recommendations. These entry-level positions allow employees to become familiar with digital media technology and products early on in their careers.

While salespeople are often easy to spot, most other digital media jobs take employees behind the scenes. The burgeoning world of electronic commerce, or "ecommerce," has many digital media jobs available. Employees of ecommerce websites primarily work on product photography and writing web copy, or providing the website with the best layout possible. Entry-level content-producing positions can lead to more advanced digital media jobs in holistic website design and digital marketing.


Advertising agencies traditionally hire digital media experts. Working with Photoshop®, Quark®, InDesign®, and other software, advertisers rely on digital media to create aesthetically pleasing or compelling ads for mass reproduction. Advertising and marketing firms employ digital media experts in droves, but these jobs often require college training in digital art and design.

Though less overt than in advertising, journalism companies also offer a number of digital media jobs. Traditional print journalism relies on computer editing software to lay out stories quickly for printing. Additionally, digital photography and logo design are vital for producing any eye-catching newspaper. In the age of digital journalism, online columns, breaking Internet news, and general site upkeep also requires digital media expertise.

Fine art has also become a haven for digital media. Those enjoying a career in the digital arts often find themselves with more creative freedom than advertisers or marketers. Such careers, however, often pay less than competing digital media jobs. Though a career in fine art is arguably very difficult to sustain, a graduate degree in digital art and design allows artists to fall back on potential teaching jobs to supplement art revenues.


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I had no idea that a person could actually work from home and make a real income doing something from their own computer.

We’ve all heard about all of the scams out there, and so I thought that was the beginning and the end of it; until I got pregnant with my second child.

I knew I wanted to stay home, and I knew that I couldn’t afford to. So I went to work trying to find a legitimate work at home opportunity. I began with medical transcription, which did not pan out in the least.

I took the classes, got the degree and then couldn’t find a remote position because I had no hands-on experience

. Mind you, I already had a bachelor’s degree in theatre arts education.

I just wasn’t ready to give up when I was referred to a site called, which offered remote jobs of all kinds for different prices.

Instead of transcription (which they did have) I ended up taking on web writing opportunities. I started out making practically nothing, but decided it was worth it to get my foot in the door.

Now I have several projects and regular clients both on and off of the oDesk platform, and I'm making quite a bit more money.

A digital media career has made staying home with my kids possible, and I couldn’t be happier to be a freelance writer working on my good old computer every day.

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