What Are the Different Types of Desktop Computer Support?

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The different types of desktop computer support typically break down into a few basic categories based on the way in which a person interfaces with the one providing support. Phone support typically consists of assistance given over the phone to a person with questions about a desktop computer. Internet or web-based support can be provided through an instant messaging program over the Internet, and can include remote desktop support and control as well. Personal desktop computer support usually consists of a person providing support in a more hands-on way, by interacting directly with a person’s computer and problem solving on the computer itself.

Desktop computer support refers to any type of technical support and assistance provided to a person with a desktop computer, usually by a computer expert or the manufacturer of the computer. Phone support can often be provided for many issues that may arise in the use of a desktop computer. This type of support is often used for initial troubleshooting and frequently involves a customer support specialist helping a customer over the phone. Desktop computer support over the phone usually takes the form of the support specialist talking the customer through various steps and procedures to solve basic problems and troubleshoot for larger issues.


Some companies have begun providing desktop computer support over the Internet, often referred to as web-based or Internet support. This usually involves a customer sitting at his or her computer and chatting with a customer service specialist through a web-based chat program, such as an instant messaging window. The specialist can provide information and assistance similar to support over the telephone, but may also utilize other methods of support. Some manufacturers can utilize remote desktop computer support, in which a support specialist accesses the systems on a desktop computer of a customer over the Internet to run software scans and troubleshoot problems remotely.

Personal or in-person desktop computer support usually consists of assistance provided directly by a person in contact with the desktop computer. This can occur when a service specialist comes to the home of a customer, or when a customer brings a computer to a manufacturer or service center. While minor problems can often be solved over the phone or Internet, hardware issues and major software problems may require personal support for an effective solution. This type of desktop computer support is often more expensive than other forms of assistance, though it is also typically more thorough.


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