What Are the Different Types of Design Industry Jobs?

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There is not one particular design industry where jobs are located, as design is a part of virtually every industry in one form or another. Design takes place in marketing and advertising where print materials, websites, and graphic design are developed. In technology fields, there are jobs in video games, applications, and software design. Design industry jobs can be found in fashion, interior design, and product design. Everything that is produced or created has to be designed first, so the options in the design industry are widely varied and require different skill sets to master.

The fields of marketing and advertising offer an array of design industry jobs for individuals to choose from. There are many needs for design when creating advertisements, such as graphic design for print flyers and layouts in magazines. Designers also work to create websites for companies that are easy to interface with and have a pleasing aesthetic value. Even film requires designers to create signage, add visual aids to digitally enhance commercials, and create print marketing materials. Graphic design is also used in many other industries to create products such as t-shirts, posters, and newspaper layouts.


In the area of technology, there are a large amount of design industry jobs available. Designers work to make the hardware that computers and other products are crafted out of appealing to the senses, and they also design many applications that are used within them. Software design is used to create video games that are appealing to both children and adults, useful information applications on mobile devices, and easily navigable software for within various computer systems. This is a huge field for design industry jobs because of the vast amount of new technology that is created every year in markets throughout the world.

Another type of design industry jobs is within the beauty market. This includes jobs in various aspects of design such as floral, fashion, and interior design. These jobs are very different from one another, but have in common a focus on the aesthetics of beauty or function, depending on the circumstances.

Product design is an area that has many opportunities for designers, and overlaps with some of the aforementioned design fields. Design industry jobs with products can be very technical, for example, creating small parts for airplanes. It also includes things that are used in everyday life such as kitchen appliances, cars, and music equipment.


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