What are the Different Types of Design Colleges?

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There are a number of different types of design colleges, all of which typically focus on teaching a different type of visual arts and aspects of design to students. This type of college could be an art design college, a graphic design college, a fashion design college, interior design college, or even a video game design college. These colleges may be part of a larger university or a program of focus offered at an artistic facility such as an art school.

Design colleges are usually schools that offer various programs and classes that instruct students in different aspects of visual design and artistry. While these colleges will often have specific areas of focus, certain classes or coursework may be similar, with classes in color theory and basic artistic skills being common. The titles of such programs usually describe what area the program focuses in and the results of such colleges are typically aimed toward preparing students to work within a specific industry.


An art design college, for example, is a college in which general artistic skills and abilities are typically the focus. These can include techniques for painting, sculpting, making ceramics, or any other particular artistic endeavor. A student at these types of design colleges will usually choose a specific type of fine art on which to focus and pursue his or her degree. A graphic design college, however, is usually a school that is more focused on professional and commercial art. Courses at this type of college will usually focus on the principles of design used in corporate artwork and help students learn the skills to become professional graphic designers.

Fashion design colleges tend to focus on the creation of clothing and the artistic needs of someone looking to work within the fashion industry. The classes at these design colleges will usually focus on color, texture, and the practical knowledge needed to work with various fabrics and materials. Similarly, interior design colleges teach students the practical skills used in the interior design field. Color and texture are often key components of this field, and understanding motion and composition within a physical space are also important.

A video game design college is a school at which various aspects of game design are taught. This can include programming, creating three-dimensional computer graphics, animation, and storytelling through visual media. These types of design colleges usually require a great deal of technology and are often concerned more with the creation of virtual worlds than physical artistic creations.


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