What are the Different Types of Department of Education Grants?

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United States Department of Education grants are available to all students within the United States that are seeking to obtain money in order to attend college or university. These grants are not only available to individuals, they are also available to organizations, companies, and agencies. There are various types of Department of Educations grants that can be obtained. Grants that are available in order to help students pay college and university tuition fees can be acquired by applying for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Once personal data has been entered into the FAFSA system, you can determine whether or not you are eligible for other grants.

Grants known as Discretionary Grants are available to agencies and organizations that meet eligibility requirements. These grants are awarded based upon a competitive selection process. To gain this type of grant, all applicants must go through a formal review process. Applications for these grants can be found on the Department of Education website.

Prospective teachers can apply for a Transition to Teaching Grant. This type of grant is awarded to individuals who wish to teach certain "high demand" disciplines. These subjects include math, science, and special education amongst others. An application for a Transition to Teaching Grant can be acquired on the Department of Education website.


Billions of dollars awarded in grants are given to individuals, agencies, and companies every year. Department of Education grants are easy to obtain if you meet eligibility requirements. Since these grants are not considered loans, you do not have to pay back the money that you are given.

In addition, Department of Education grants are awarded to any person or entity regardless of age. The best way to find a grant that suits your specific needs is to search through the grants offered on the Department of Education website. On this site, you will find the numerous grants that are offered, along with the criteria needed in order to apply for any grant.

Those in need of Department of Education grants should apply for as many grants as they are eligible for. This will ensure that needed funds are obtained in some manner. Most grants require an application process that may be time consuming, though the reward of a grant is often greater than the effort required to apply for a grant.

While Department of Education grants may not cover all education expenses, they will help with tuition fees. In order to cover any remaining tuition fees, various other government programs are available including student loans. However, it is recommended that any additional fees be paid through by acquiring a part-time job rather than applying for student loans.


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