What are the Different Types of Dedicated Servers?

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There are many different types of dedicated servers available for those who need to have storage and server availability for personal and professional purposes. One of the most common types of dedicated server is one that is used for web hosting, often utilized for hosting a particular website or Internet service. There are also servers utilized for hosting online personal computer (PC) games, which may be optional and established by players of a game or mandatory for online games. Some dedicated servers can be used for security purposes, such as hosting data utilized by a company or organization and which is not intended for public access.

Dedicated servers are computers designed to store and maintain various programs and data for access by other computer users who connect to the server as clients. One of the most common uses for such servers is to host a website, usually one that is publicly accessible. This type of server maintains the data necessary for a website, and other users connect as clients to the server to access the website. While these dedicated servers are often protected by security software, especially when sensitive information is stored on them, they are largely meant for public access.


Some dedicated servers are established for use in PC gaming, especially for online games or those games with a major multiplayer component. Multiplayer gaming can often utilize such servers, and some games have servers that are rented and maintained by players for personal use among small groups, or gaming clans. Other games have servers established and run by the company that makes the PC game, which may be used by players. Online games, such as massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, often utilize dedicated servers that players must connect to while playing the game, often charging monthly rates to players who access these servers.

Private dedicated servers can also be utilized by companies and organizations for remote storage of important data. Such servers are often used to store data, and then employees are able to connect to these servers to access the data. Security protocols are typically utilized with these types of servers to maintain their privacy and security. Such security measures can be especially important for dedicated servers that store personal information, such as medical records or financial information, or servers used to store company transactions and proprietary information considered a trade secret.


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