What are the Different Types of Data Entry Jobs?

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Data entry workers enter essential information into computer processing systems for employers. Typically, work as a data entry employee does not require postsecondary education, but do require good communication and typing skils. Data entry jobs exist in a wide variety of industries including financial, retail, and medical fields.

A variety of skills are needed for data entry workers, including good listening skills, proper grammar, typing skills, and attention to detail. Data entry jobs also require workers to be available for a wide range of shifts and hours. Work is stationary, and most of the day is spent sitting at a desk and computer.

In the financial industry, data entry workers assist with the entry of personal information, bank transactions, and other financial transactions. This includes data entry jobs with banks, stock brokerage firms, and government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service. Other data entry jobs related to finance includes positions with accounting firms and loan servicing corporations.

Retailers employ data entry workers to enter catalog orders and process incoming mail. Data entry workers may also enter in pricing and inventory information. In warehouses, data entry workers are responsible for processing incoming and outgoing packages and deliveries.


Consumer products companies also hire data entry workers. These positions help enter and tabulate customer comments including complaints and concerns. They may collate data from several sources to help management better handle the amount of data coming in from a variety of sources including customers, suppliers, and employees.

Physician offices, pharmacies, hospitals, and medical service companies employ data entry workers for a variety of purposes. Data entry workers input patient information and update personal medical files. They may also add doctor’s notes to files, scan paperwork, update insurance, and enter prescription details.

Other opportunities exist for data entry professionals. Insurance companies will hire data entry workers to enter claims information. Payroll corporations will employ data entry professionals to enter data important for payroll processing, such as hours worked and pay rate. Data entry workers can also find work with billing and collections companies.

In addition to traditional data entry positions, individuals can find work involving a mix of data entry and other responsibilities. For instance, data entry workers may be hired to edit previously entered data. This requires reviewing a large amount of data, seeking out mistakes, and correcting them. Jobs proofreading and copying records may also be available to those looking to find a data entry position.


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Post 4

Can you please suggest to me some data entry jobs. Like who is providing such types of jobs? I want to do that.

Post 3

@w00dchuck41 - My niece was hired at her first job to do basic data entry as a temp. After that, the company hired her on to be an assistant because she learned how to use the software.

They are so many freelancers out there, I imagine that when one finds a more stable position that they don't have to compete for -- they'll stick around. I learned how to use Microsoft Excel, but finding a job is the hard part for me. Everyone is looking for work right now.

Post 2

@MissCourt - Basic training in Microsoft Access and Excel can get you through a lot of part time data entry jobs. Learning custom made software is a little much for most freelancers, since they usually aren't looking for a permanent job position.

Luckily, even if the software is completely different -- the job is always the same. Punch in some numbers and letters in the right boxes and you're done. Software training is by far the hardest part of the job.

Post 1

There are lots of online data entry jobs available for freelancers and professionals alike. I've done a few data entry jobs from home over the years and the hardest part of the job is just knowing the program you're using. Once you learn the program, you can finally get started.

Microsoft Access and Excel are the most common programs, but lately some businesses have customized data entry software made for their company. Of course that means that your have to learn how to use a whole new piece of software – but the worst part is that there aren't any how-to tutorials for it!

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