What Are the Different Types of Dance Internships?

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Dance internships can fall into a number of categories including production, administration, education, outreach, and development. Eligibility for internships can vary by organization. Many are for college students only, while others are open to high school students as well as people who are not in school. Competition can be aggressive, especially for internships with prestigious dance companies or organizations.

In the production category, interns have an opportunity to work with technical crews. These dances internships can focus on lighting, sound, set building, props, and other production support areas. Other production interns may perform videography and photography to support the production. This work can be hands-on and may have long and unusual hours, especially when a company is ramping up for a production.

Administrative dance internships can surround various office activities, including working in the box office, handling payroll for the dance company, and other administrative tasks. These interns typically need a good sense of organization and good communication skills. Some may be tasked to support specific members of the administration like the artistic or production director, while others float in the office to provide services as necessary.

Dance education can provide other opportunities for internships. Interns may lead classes or assist an instructor. They can also travel to schools and other sites to work with students who cannot attend classes at the dance studio. Interns interested in dance education usually need dance skills and some educational training if they plan to teach their own classes.


Outreach dance internships are also available. Marketing and public relations are important for dance companies as well as organizations dedicated to advancing the cause of dance. Interns may work on lobbying activities with government officials, advertising campaigns, and public relations activities like giving free tickets to schools to allow students to attend productions. People skills are helpful for interns interested in these positions.

Development dance internships are often available through large companies and organizations. Interns working in development interact with donors and supporters to increase the organization's endowment. They may also identify new activity areas for the company, like hosting conferences or expanding festival offerings.

Applicants for dance internships may be eligible for paid or subsidized internships in some cases. They may also receive housing and food assistance through some employers. Summer internships are an option as well as sessions at other times of the year, which may be flexible to accommodate students and working dancers.


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