What Are the Different Types of Customer Relationship Management Strategies?

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Effective customer relationship strategies can help keep businesses profitable and their workers employed. Approaches include performing research on customer experiences, developing corporate policies that reinforce efforts to improve the customer experience and effectively implementing new customer relationship management strategies through appropriate employee development as well as well-designed technology. In many cases, it is important for a business or organization to continuously review customer relationship management strategies so as to address new concerns and to take advantage of technology or other resources that can improve its interactions with clients and customers.

Many organizations begin their customer relationship efforts by reviewing their corporate or business mission statement. If necessary, the business may need to redefine its mission and goals. With this information, leaders of the organization can better evaluate whether the company’s efforts, including customer relationship management strategies, are in line with its stated mission. If these efforts need rethinking, the company has a baseline from which to make necessary changes.


In many cases, good customer relationship management strategies take into consideration the role of employees in connecting with customers. When hiring employees who will have contact with customers, companies who are committed to improving customer relations will actively hire those who are committed to providing good customer service. In addition, these companies will not only focus on training employees in good customer skills but will also emphasize the necessity of good communication between those who work with customers and company leadership. These employees often have information about the customer experience that can be crucial in implementing positive policy changes.

The use of technology in customer relationship management strategies is also important, particularly when paired with an organizational commitment to customer relationships. Company leaders, as well as rank-and-file employees can both use technology to track customer behavior, provide information to other employees and to keep in touch with customers over time. Many companies find that customized technology solutions are of the greatest benefit. These organizations may use the results of organizational research, such as a study conducted by a third-party consultant, to select software that provides needed functionality.

Other types of technology that can positively effect relationships with customers include online and telephone customer service systems, as well as the judicious use of social media. In the later case, organizations who are committed to good customer relationship management may be proactive in reaching out to bloggers and other users of social media. These companies may, for example, monitor the web for positive and negative information about their customers’ experiences and then reply, either publicly or privately, to these customers.


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