What are the Different Types of Custom Tree Houses?

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Custom tree houses may come in various plans, including tree houses designed to resemble a fort, a fantasy palace, or a mansion. Some tree house designs may even feature a custom balcony. Many of the elaborate custom tree houses vary in size, aimed to fit into any size backyard from modest-sized to enormous. Some custom-built tree houses resemble a miniature house, either modern style or Victorian.

Basically, a custom tree house design can be made to look any way the creative individual visualizes it. Custom tree house plans can be multi-level or single level and can include windows, shutters and a door. The variety of colors in which to have the tree house painted in is only limited by the imagination.

Custom tree house plans may differ in variation depending upon the gender it is intended for. For instance, a little girl may prefer a doll house design. She may choose a fantasy setting, or a modern style doll house. It can be custom made to look like a modern-day townhouse or a palace, complete with a tower. Boys might envision their dream tree house designed like a fort, spaceship or battle station. It might have a galactic ambiance surrounding it.


Other styles of custom tree house plans can be designed to resemble a firehouse building, or perhaps a jet fighter plane or a pirate ship. Many of these custom tree houses incorporate play areas, such as tubing, slides, swings and monkey bars. Custom tree houses are generally more detailed and imaginative than ordinary outdoor play sets. Certain individuals who are especially crafty and enjoy building elaborate creations may wish to design their own tree house according to their personal specifications. Some people do this as a hobby, others choose to pursue the craft for profit.

Custom tree houses can be designed for any durable tree. Some of the more common trees that make good choices include oak and pine trees. Interior designs of custom tree houses can range from basic and simple to outrageous. Wallpaper can be added to the interior wall, or it can take on the more natural look of nature by leaving it in a bare essence state. It typically depends on individual preference.

Some of the more lavish custom tree houses can feature a comfortable sleeping area, especially designed for sleepovers. Children particularly enjoy that feature, but adults can be accommodated as well. Some custom built designs even feature amenities such as heating. Some common accessories especially made for custom tree houses may include bridges, ropes, trap doors and water slides.


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