What are the Different Types of Criminology Courses?

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If you are interested in crime prevention and the legal system, one of the criminology courses offered at the post-secondary level may be the right choice for you. You can choose to work toward an Associate's degree, a Bachelor's degree, or a Master's degree in this area of study. Your criminology training will prepare you for careers in law enforcement, as well as administration.

An Associate's degree is one of the criminology courses offered at the college level. Graduates of this type of program take courses focusing on how the judicial system works, as well as the psychological and sociological reasons for criminal behavior. Some students continue their education by enrolling in a Bachelor's degree program after completing the two-year course. Others seek employment as a loss prevention officer, paralegal, security guard, or credit investigator.

Pursuing a Bachelor's degree is another one of the criminology courses available. This four-year program prepares students for careers as customs investigators, lobbyists, mediators, and legislative aides. Some graduates from a criminology school use their education as the basis for a career as a police officer or a corrections officer, while others turn their attention toward careers in journalism, human rights, or administration.


The Bachelor's degree program helps students to develop their skills in critical thinking, oral and written communication, and research. Along with courses examining the psychological and sociological reasons that people commit crimes, the biological reasons for antisocial behavior are addressed as part of the curriculum. The role of law enforcement agencies in crime investigation and prevention is examined. Students also consider punishment in the criminal justice system as part of their studies.

Another option when it comes to criminology courses is to work toward a Master's or Doctoral degree. If you want to work as a criminologist, you will need to hold a Master's degree. Criminologists may work as consultants or researchers. Others are employed by teachers, and pass on their knowledge by teaching criminology courses to others.

You may want to use your education to get a job as a crime scene investigator. Besides a good foundation in forensic science, you will need to be physically fit. The work may involve standing or kneeling for an extended time while on the job. A keen eye for detail is another desirable trait for this job. A crime scene investigator must be able to pass a background check, be eligible to carry a firearm and make arrests. They must also have a valid driver's license to perform their duties.


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I want to be an agent, so what courses should I take?

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What is the best school at which to take university-level criminology courses in the UK?

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@earlyforest -- Since you must have put in a lot of work in your postgraduate courses already, why don't you take an online criminology course before you totally chuck your MBA program.

Who knows, maybe you'll hate it and want to go back to your MBA. I'd say don't burn your bridges just yet.

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So I've taken some MBA courses, but I've decided that it's just not for me. I'm thinking now that I want to get into a criminology degree, but I'm not really sure how I should start.

Should I take online criminology courses, or is it a better idea to find a school and take a criminology course in person?

Besides, what are the best criminology degree courses to take in general?

Does anybody have any advice?

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