What Are the Different Types of Creative Industry Jobs?

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The creative industry refers to various businesses and processes that focus on or otherwise exploit the creativity of people working for such businesses. Creative industry jobs usually focus on utilizing the creative output of various employees to create practical or aesthetic products or services. A few examples of creative industry jobs include architects, fashion designers, photographers and film directors, web designers, musicians, video game designers, software engineers, television and radio personalities and staff, and much more. Many jobs and other industries may fall into the category of the creative industry.

Generally, any jobs that allow a person to create using his or her imagination and talents can be considered creative industry jobs. Various types of designers may fall under this category. Clothing designers, for example, can create designs for garments that run from the very practical to the outlandish. Even interior decorators can be considered creative industry jobs because the people working in this field will have the opportunity to use skills and talents to create an aesthetically pleasing and otherwise functional layout in a room, home, building, or other space.


Photography and film are two areas in which creative industry jobs are quite prevalent. Script writers, novelists, actors, directors, cameramen, makeup artists, hair stylists, producers, and set designers all work together to manage a creative output that will end in some sort of usable product such as a film, television show, or other visual medium. Sound crews are needed to make sure the films and shows have an appropriate and fitting soundtrack, and lighting crews must ensure the visual elements of the films or movies are as visually striking as possible.

Writers can work in a variety of industries in which they are able to produce creative output. Jobs in magazine and newspaper companies will allow writers to express complex thoughts and ideas; novelists and other creative writers can create stories for consumption by the public; even technical writers can produce content that is creatively arranged for the most appropriate logical sequence.

Advertisers and marketers also offer creative industry jobs. Advertisers can create various types of graphics and text to convey messages to the buying public. Web designers are often part of advertising teams now, taking advantage of a relatively new medium for reaching potential customers. Web designers may create websites, ads, text, video, or other interactive web devices to engage Internet surfers who may end up being customers to a business.


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