What Are the Different Types of Cranberry Desserts?

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Cranberries are a versatile fruit, and there are an abundance of cranberry desserts available. Cranberry desserts include pies, cakes and coffee cakes. Cranberries also are featured in fruit crisps and bread puddings. Some types of cranberry desserts are actually breads and salads.

Both fresh and frozen cranberries are used to make pies. Crustless cranberry pie is made with fresh cranberries, chopped walnuts and almond extract. Cranberry raisin pie pairs fresh or frozen cranberries with sweet raisins. A cranberry streusel pie can be made from fresh cranberries, brown sugar and walnuts. Caramel apple cranberry pie is made with Granny Smith apples, sugar and cornstarch, and it is flavored with cinnamon, nutmeg and dried cranberries.

Cranberry desserts also include coffee cakes. A cranberry swirl coffee cake is made with almond extract, whole cranberry sauce and sour cream. Cranberry kuchen is a German coffee cake that has a crust made from yeast, butter and flour. The recipe's cranberry sauce is made using fresh or frozen cranberries, water and sugar. The coffee cake is topped with a crumble crust of flour, sugar and butter.


Cakes and bread puddings are cranberry desserts that can be made with a variety of styles of cranberries and flavorings. Cranberry orange cake is made with orange juice, buttermilk and cranberry-flavored liqueur. It also includes chopped dates, fresh cranberries and grated orange zest, and it is topped with a drizzle frosting of orange juice and white sugar. Cranberry bread pudding is made with cubed bread, fresh or frozen cranberries and eggs. It is served with an orange custard sauce that is made from egg yolks, orange extract and whipping cream.

Fruit crisps are cranberry desserts that feature oats to provide texture and flavor. Apple-cranberry crisp features Granny Smith apples and cranberries combined with white sugar. It is flavored with cinnamon and nutmeg. This dish is topped with a mixture of quick-cooking oats, brown sugar and chopped pecans. Pear, apple and cranberry crisp features the trio of fruit, along with orange and lemon juice and a topping made from old-fashioned oatmeal.

Cream cheese is sometimes paired with cranberries to make cranberry desserts. Frozen cranberry salad combines cream cheese, butter and sugar. It also features cranberry sauce, crushed pineapple and walnuts. Cranberry cream cheese bars are made with sweetened condensed milk, whole berry cranberry sauce and cream cheese.

Some cranberry breads and salads are served as cranberry desserts. Cherry cranberry salad is made with cherry gelatin and sugar. Crushed pineapple, fresh or frozen cranberries and diced apples are added to the gelatin mixture. It also features celery and walnuts. Cranberry nut bread is made with chopped cranberries, walnuts and orange juice.


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Post 3

Has anyone tried cranberries in their cereal? I put them in my Frosted Flakes all the time. Yes, I know that sounds a little odd, ha ha, but they're actually pretty good. In fact, they go well with a lot of breakfast foods, such as coffee cakes (which the article also mentioned).

Post 2

The article was an interesting read, as I didn't know cranberries had so much variety. Overall though, I'm mostly familiar with cranberry sauce, which traditionally, is used during Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. On another note, I have had the occasional cranberries in my salad, when I went to a restaurant. However, salads normally have so many toppings (dressing, cheese, chicken, etc) that I barely tasted the fruit.

Post 1

You know, aside from the cranberry muffins I have for breakfast every now and then, I've never tried them in desserts. This article is definitely causing me to have second thoughts though.

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