What Are the Different Types of Cranberry Candy?

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The cranberry, a small red fruit with a tart flavor, pairs well with sweet ingredients to make many types of cranberry candy. The fruit is touted for its health benefits, including a large quantity of vitamin C, which may make a candy lover feel better about eating cranberry candy. Cranberry candy can be made by combining cranberries with a variety of ingredients, including chocolate and nuts to make fudge, balls, truffles, or candy bark. Varying the ingredients by using different types of nuts and chocolate will produce a large variety of cranberry candy.

Another type of cranberry candy is a fruit jelly from France called pâtes de fruits. The jellied candy is made from a fruit puree using either frozen or fresh berries, and it produces a tangy and chewy treat. Fresh cranberries can also be used to create a sugar-coated cranberry candy that sparkles as a holiday treat. Prepared this way, cranberry candy can also be used to decorate such desserts as cakes and cupcakes. Candied cranberries can be made by combining the berries, either frozen or fresh, with sugar before baking.


Cranberries are a refreshing and delightful ingredient in not only candy, but also in cookies, drinks, cakes and breads. No matter which form of the cranberry is used — frozen, fresh, liquid or extract — the basic health benefits of cranberries are retained. Cranberry extract is a popular home remedy for the prevention and treatment of urinary tract infections. The cranberry’s use in medicinal treatments dates back centuries, with Native American tribes utilizing the fruit in their medicines.

Cooking with cranberries is popular at holiday time, especially by adding cranberry sauce as a side dish. As with cranberry candy, the making of cranberry sauce can rely on either frozen or fresh berries. Other ways to cook and serve the versatile cranberry include custards and bread pudding. Dried cranberries are frequently included in trail mix, and eating cranberries will provide a low sodium snack with no fat. The cranberry also is a good source of antioxidants, which helps fight inflammation in the body. The anti-inflammation property can help not only the urinary tract, but also the gums.


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