What are the Different Types of Craft Glue?

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Glue is an adhesive substance used to bind or fasten items together. There are different types of craft glue to suit the content and weight of the materials used across a broad range of crafts. This is a survey of some of the many types of glue available.

Cyanoacrylates. Available in several widely-known brands, such as Super Glue and Instant Krazy Glue, cyanoacrylates create instant, strong bonds between non-porous materials, such as metal, plastic, and rubber. This adhesive is toxic and should be handled with care.

Foam Craft Glue. This is specially formulated to adhere colorful foam craft sheets to each other, as well as to join fabric, paper, plastic, cardboard, and wood.

Glitter Glue. Available in a squeeze bottle or a pen dispenser, this glue features both bright colors and glitter, making it useful for decoration as well as adhesion. It will stick to paper, papier-mâché, and wood.

Glue Dots and Lines. Delivered like typing correction tape on a roll, glue dots adhere and create a 3-dimensional effect, while glue lines are a strong craft glue in 1-inch (~2.5 cm) lengths that can substitute for hot glue.


Glue Stick. The standard glue stick is dispensed like lip balm by turning a knob on a small, plastic, lidded canister. The product is whitish or clear and dries clear. This product is also available dispensed in a glue pen. Another form is purple when you spread it so that you can readily see where it is, but it dries clear. The purple form is also available in an extra-wide dispenser. Some glue sticks are acid free, but check the product to make sure.

Hot Glue. Hot glue comes in a solid stick form specially made to be heated and applied in an instrument called a hot-glue gun. There are high- and low-temperature hot glues, including a low-temperature foam glue.

Powdered Glue. This craft glue is stored in a powder form that the user mixes with water when it is needed. This allows the user to control the thickness of the glue, depending on the task at hand.

Royal Icing. This is one of the glues of choice for edible kitchen crafts. Made from sugar, cream of tartar, and egg whites, it can hold together a gingerbread house and attach decorations made of icing onto each other, cakes, or cardboard.

Sticker Glue. This material, when spread on a clean plastic or vinyl surface, dries to create a sticker that can be used on windows, refrigerators, and other surfaces. It comes in a variety of colors. This product is generally marketed for children, and is therefore non-toxic.

Tacky Glue. This glue got its name because it is tackier than white glue. It’s an all-purpose glue and forms a permanent bond.

Wallpaper Paste. This craft glue is designed for applying wallpaper, but often used in papier-mâché. Like powdered glue, it is mixed with water until the desired consistency is reached.

White Glue. This is a clear-drying glue. Some formulas are toxic, but non-toxic varieties are also available. It is useful for both porous and semi-porous surfaces.

Wood Glue or Carpenter Wood Glue. This water-based resin craft glue is specifically created to adhere to wood. It penetrates the wood to create a strong bond.


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Post 8

I have used decoupage for many different craft activities. One of my kids favorite was to soup cans that had been cleaned and the labels removed. Then they would look through old magazines for pictures they wanted to use to decorate.

My son loved trains, so he would spend hours looking through magazines for pictures of trains. After cutting them out, we would then brush the pictures on the cans with the decoupage. This created a smooth surface that was slightly shiny when it was dry.

They used their decorated cans to store some of their treasures in. Looking for the pictures was just as fun as using the decoupage.

Post 7

It is a good thing that hot glue guns are not very expensive to use, because I use mine all the time. I have had to replace several either because I lost them or they quit working.

There is always some kind of project being worked on in my craft room. I also take many of my craft supplies to other places and work with kids learning new crafts. A hot glue gun is one of those things that you must have.

Whenever I am using my hot glue gun, I keep small ceramic plates with me, so I have a steady, heat resistant surface to set the gun on when it is plugged in.

Post 2

I am also looking for it. have you found it?

Post 1

I'm looking for the glue your credit card is stuck to when they send you a new one?

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