What Are the Different Types of Cowboy Decor?

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Cowboy decor is a rustic style of interior design that makes a space feel like it is right out of the American West. There are many types of cowboy decor that are available to decorate a home, office or other space. Some of the different types of cowboy decor that can be found include home furnishings, paintings and other wall decor, rugs, throws, knickknacks and accessories. Items that are made for other uses rather than home decorating, such as saddles or saddle blankets, also can be incorporated into cowboy decor. Cowboy-themed decor is also called western decor.

Studded leather sofas and chairs, wagon wheel tables and chandeliers and furniture made of cowhide are a few of the cowboy-style furniture options that are available. There also are furniture pieces that include cowboy and western images painted or carved directly into them. Wooden furniture made of knotty pine and other rustic woods are also popular when incorporating cowboy decor into a space. Using kitchen, bathroom and office cabinets that are made of these rustic woods are other ways to bring the style into a home. Drawer pulls and knobs in various metals and cowboy looks are available to place the finishing accents on cabinets and desks.


When it comes to wall art, paintings of horses, western landscapes, cowboys herding cattle and other scenes are widely available. Distressed wood frames or frames made from the wood of old barns can add a final touch of western authenticity to paintings. Other wall decor includes cow skulls, plaques with cowboy scenes, metal wall sconces for holding candles and more. Rugs with American Indian patterns, animal prints or even actual cowhide are also typical of cowboy decor. Throws that have cowboy scenes can be tossed over furniture pieces to provide a cozy and casual western feel.

The types of knickknacks and other accessories that are available for home decorating are numerous. Sculptures of cowboys galloping, longhorn cattle light-switch plate covers and cast iron spur candle votive holders are just a few of the accessories available. Door stops in the shapes of cowboy boots, horse heads and more are other options for a cowboy-themed space.

Items that are not made specifically for home decorating also can be incorporated into the interior design of a space. Some unique decor ideas for cowboy-themed style include mounting an old western saddle onto a saddle stand as a focal point in a room. Old wagon wheels, which sometimes can be found at antique stores or through craftspeople who specialize in making wooden wheels, can be propped against a wall. Colorful saddle blankets can be used on the floor as rugs or thrown over the back of a sofa or chair. Horseshoes, which can often be found by visiting local horse stables, can make interesting and unique displays when nailed to walls or placed upright on shelves.


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