What Are the Different Types of County Attorney Jobs?

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County attorney jobs range from the actual county attorney to investigators, clerks and secretaries. There are many county attorney jobs that make up the office staff. Usually, there are several paralegals in charge of researching each case for the attorneys, ensuring all the pertinent material and facts of the case are ready for trial. There are also deputy county attorneys in charge of the actual courtroom work and who are under the guidance and supervision of a county attorney. Many of the county attorney jobs are filled by individuals who do not posses a law degree.

In many areas of the world, a county attorney is typically an elected position that is filled in order to complete the legal work of the residents of the county. Trials, county politics and other work conducted by the office are typically handled by individuals who are hired by the elected official. These county attorney jobs include assistant or deputy attorneys who perform the vast majority of case work produced by the office. The county attorney will commonly examine the facts of the case and give the assistant advice on which approach the office wishes to take with the case. At this point, other county attorney employees, such as investigators and researchers, begin to compile evidence, information and witnesses to bolster the assistant attorney's case.


Often, mental health officials and experts fill some of the county attorney jobs and provide a background sketch of a suspect's mental condition at the time of the crime. These experts also aid distraught victims in cases of sexual, mental and physical abuse. Several of the county attorney jobs are filled by typists and telephone operators who keep the business of the office running in proper order and set appointments, meet business contacts and file legal papers and documents with the court clerk. In even the smallest of county attorney offices, it commonly takes a small army of employees to provide the level of service that is required in order for the sitting county attorney to be re-elected.

Occasionally, another of the county attorney jobs will be a press or marketing person to handle news interviews, distribute press releases and to maintain a good public relations atmosphere with the county residents. During an election year, the county attorney jobs may be increased to include individuals tasked with helping to get the county attorney reelected. Poll takers, census takers and others who are experts on winning elections can be found in the county attorney's office during this critical period.


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