What Are the Different Types of Cottage Suites?

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Cottage suites differ in a variety of ways, including floor layout, whether they are part of a larger structure or fully detached, as well as the amenities and services available to their guests. In some cases, the cottage suite is located inside a larger structure, while some are stand-alone structures. A cottage suite may exist on one level or may have two or more stories. While cottage suites generally have more facilities and space than standard hotel rooms, these facilities can vary with some having full kitchens. There can also be significant differences in the larger properties on which cottage-style accommodations stand, with some offering a full range of activities and services while others require guests to care for themselves during their stay.

For travelers who are looking for an improvement on typical hotel accommodations, cottage suites offer an alternative. Unlike hotel rooms that offer guests a bed, desk and television set in one room, cottage suites are often more homelike. Their living spaces are often divided up either into separate rooms or into distinct areas marked by partial walls. In addition to beds and desks, cottage suites typically have additional seating, such as a sofa, armchairs and a table and chairs for meals, meetings and socializing. Cottage suites often include some kitchen appliances, allowing guests to prepare snacks or meals for themselves, although some suites may only provide guests with microwaves or stovetop ranges.


Individual owners of cottage suite accommodations each operate their properties differently. As a result, guest experiences in cottage suite can differ widely. In some cases, a cottage suite may be one of several accommodations on a single property. An owner or a manager may be on call 24 hours a day to manage problems or to arrange for transportation, tours and other services. In addition, the property may have its own kitchen or restaurants from which guests can order meals. In other cases, particularly if the cottage stands on its own and does not share a property with other buildings, guests may simply be provided with a phone number for the property owner or manager to call in case of difficulties or repair issues.

Amenities can also vary considerably. Some cottage suites are quite luxurious and may include private hot tubs, swimming pools or saunas. In other cases, the suite may be on a property that includes shared facilities such as spas or pools. Property owners or management may also contract with third-party vendors, such as massage therapists or personal chefs, who can provide meals or therapeutic body treatments to guests.


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