What Are the Different Types of Cottage Rugs?

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Cottage rugs range in mood and style from rustic to elegant. Some stand out because of their texture, while others have sea or forest motifs in the pattern. While many of these rugs are rectangular, they may come in any shape. A cottage rug may be a small scatter mat or a large area rug. The rug may be a solid color, but many cottage rugs are multi-colored.

Rag rugs are a classic type of multi-colored cottage rug. Strips of solid and often patterned cloth are braided before being stitched together in a coiled circle, oval or other shape. Braided rag cottage rugs have a very rustic look and are ideal for almost any type of cabin home to add a casual, country appeal. Floral rugs often feature many soft, pastel colors and are ideal for a romantic cottage decor. Oriental cottage rug styles also typically have softer colors, but they also usually have interesting texture with raised sections as well.

Rugs with cottage motifs often have a specific color scheme. For example, browns and greens may be featured in a cottage rug that includes tree and animal shapes. On beach-themed cottage rugs, the colors are more likely to be in sea, sand and sky colors. Designs of seashells and starfish may predominate to give an excellent cottage rug option for a beach house or lakeside cabin.


Solid color cottage rugs include those made of natural fibers such as sisal or jute. These cottage rug types are usually in light to medium shades that coordinate well with wicker and the casual wood tones or white paint of rustic living. Jute and sisal rugs are available in many different sizes and shapes. They are popular choices for cottages as their neutral color and light weight make them flexible in almost any decor style. Unlike pile or braided cottage rug types, sisal or jute varieties are often suitable for placing under a dining table.

High pile and low color solid rugs, made from either natural or synthetic fibers, may be used in cottage living spaces. They are often in a light neutral color, but could also be used in an accent shade such as blue or another hue. Some people prefer lower pile cottage rugs, as they can be easier to clean and maintain than high pile types. Large area rugs are typically used for living areas, while smaller sizes are placed beside beds or in the kitchen near the sink area.


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