What Are the Different Types of Cottage Curtains?

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When choosing cottage curtains, there are many styles, patterns, and fabrics to choose from. Most designs are very simple ones, but they could contain ruffles or lace trim along the edges. A cafe style might be used in a kitchen or dining room, but straight panels may work best in a living room or den. People who own a beach cottage might want cottage decor that is very lightweight, so gauze fabric might be used in that situation. Curtains for a cabin home are often hand-made and might include a quilted design to match a comforter or throw rug.

Cottage curtains are available in a variety of prints, and some of the more popular ones include floral patterns, ivy, plaid, or polka dots. These prints may include a white or tan background. Some of the colors used might be bright blue, red or green for a cabin home, blue or green for a beach cottage, or pink and red for a family cottage. The exact colors used can depend on the homeowner's taste and the other cottage decorations found there.


Sometimes, a holiday cottage might be decorated in a particular theme in mind. Popular themes include lighthouses, palm trees, or rustic designs, and often curtains can be found to complement specific decor. Cottage curtains such as these might be made to match canisters, place mats, rugs, or tablecloths among other things. People who are unable to find a set to match their existing cottage decorations can usually make curtains themselves. One added benefit of doing so is that the window treatments can be designed to custom-fit the windows of a particular cottage home.

Sheers can be used in addition to heavier cottage curtains. These window treatments might be either lace or cotton, and white, beige, or tan are the most common colors. Sheer panels could be used underneath lightweight cotton or wool drapes, but some people might want to use them as actual curtains. This might be the case whenever the cottage furnishings are very feminine or if privacy is not an issue.

Some like to open their cottage curtains to allow sunshine in. To accomplish this, drapes should slide back and forth easily. There are many designs that make this easy to do, and some of them include styles with wide pockets for curtain rods or tabs along the tops of the panels. Heavy curtains such as those often found in a living room may contain plastic hooks at the top of them because these devices can support the weight of thicker drapes.


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