What Are the Different Types of Cosmetics for Men?

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Cosmetics for men may include anything from cosmetic powders created to reduce shine, to concealer correction sticks designed to hide blemishes and dark circles under the eyes. Some men use skin toners to smooth and refresh the skin after shaving. In the past, tanning lotions were designed primarily for women, although cosmetics for men now include self-tanning lotions and body bronzers. Many cosmetic kits for men include moisturizing lip balm designed to help heal chapped lips.

Some men are concerned about the effects of premature aging. Cosmetics for men may include specially formulated serums that are enriched with vitamins and collagen. This type of serum is created to help reduce the appearance of fine lines around a man's eyes or mouth.

Skin creams designed for different skin types are another line of cosmetics for men. These creams and lotions are designed for male body care, as well as facial cleansing. Moisturizing products are created to smooth dry or rough patches on the face or other areas of the body. These men's products generally contain a blend of hydrating oils and vitamins.

Body scrubs that are infused with masculine-scented ingredients are another type of cosmetics for men. Exfoliating scrubs and bath gels are created to wash away dead skin cells and reveal a healthier appearance. Some men use these cosmetics to unclog pores and reduce the risk of acne.


Foot bath lotions are cosmetics for men who have rough skin or callouses on the soles of the feet. These men's lotions may also soothe tired and aching feet. Additionally, bath salts created specifically for men may ease strains and sprains from job or sports related injuries.

Male cosmetics may be packaged as a kit as well. Some of the finer cosmetics for men sold in department stores or boutiques include foundation sticks, concealer, and shaving sticks that cover nicks and cuts caused by shaving. A cosmetic set for men may also include powdered blush. Nail shaping sets are often included in men's grooming implement kits.

Some men who are featured on television find the bright lights of video cameras cause their skin to shine. Also, artificial lighting tends to cause significant glare, which is another reason men wear facial powder. Foundation is also used to cover imperfections on a man's skin.

Eye liner pencils are also sometimes considered cosmetic for men. These may be used to define eyebrows. Similar to eyebrow pencils designed for women, the eye pencil may be included in a men's grooming kit.


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