What Are the Different Types of Corporate Event Programs?

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A wide variety of corporate event programs are planned by companies across the globe each year. Conferences, seminars, and team building sessions are just a few of the functions held by small and large businesses alike. Corporations might also host trade shows or press conferences designed to promote a new product or brand. Other corporate event programs are less formal in nature and might include company picnics, retreats, and incentive excursions.

Conferences and seminars are corporate event programs usually designed to deliver information to attendees. Corporations often hold functions such as these to educate and train current employees, provide information to the public, or train employees of another company. These can be small and local, or they might involve extensive planning for larger out-of-area events.

Team building experiences are usually used to help employees learn valuable techniques in working together for the common good of their employer. At times, an outside agency that specializes in team building is hired to arrange these corporate event programs. A variety of tactics might be used such as group exercises, workbook education, or lectures. Employees are generally expected to then apply this knowledge in their everyday work environment.


Trade shows are usually comprised of several companies within a specific market that come together to display new, innovative, or best-selling products. Industries such as food and beverage, electronics, and toys generally have trade shows on a regular basis to show their new products to the world. Trade shows are usually produced by a third party, and each individual company pays a fee to have exhibition space within the event.

Many companies use press conferences as a way to notify various press outlets of noteworthy happenings. This can include the launch of new products or services, a change to a company’s structure or product offering, or other information the public might be interested in hearing. Media organizations such as print and television companies are some of the attendees at typical press conferences.

While some corporate event programs are used to enhance a business in some way, others are meant to be fun, exciting, and less formal. Company picnics are usually held to bring together the employees of a company and their families for relaxation and recreation. A retreat may be held to give employees a chance to relax while possibly attending a conference or seminar at the same time. Other times incentive programs are held to reward employees who meet preset benchmarks in areas such as sales and marketing.


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