What are the Different Types of Cord Connectors?

Mary Elizabeth

Cord can refer to string, rope, or electrical cable. A connector is a plug and socket that link two devices together or another type of device that links or connects to things. The term cord connectors can refer to any of a group of at least five different kinds of devices made for different purposes.

A cord connector may be used to connect two Ethernet cables.
A cord connector may be used to connect two Ethernet cables.

An extension cord is an electrical cable to extend the reach of an appliance, machine, or other electrical device. An extension cord connector is an extension cord with a locking mechanism to securely attach to the plug. By ensuring a tight and immovable connection, the extension cord connector reduces both the safety hazard of a loose fit as well as some electrical issues that can impede a consistent dependable result.

A power cord connector can refer to an electrical cord to enable a piece of equipment to be powered by electricity. It can also refer to a device that is meant to hold power cords together and possibly provide other features, for example, some power cord connectors may hold the cords together and provide a waterproof and highly visible housing, both protecting outdoor connections in inclement weather and making them easy to locate.

Some cord connectors are made to be used in conjunction with conduit raceway systems. Connectors for use with these systems can specifically be made for standard conditions, or hazardous conditions. They secure and seal cables at raceway entrances, and may have neoprene grommets to seal out moisture and oil.

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Liquidtight strain relief cord connectors can be used in wet or dry locations. They seal the electrical connections against dirt, oil, and moisture. Available in straight or 90 degree elbow versions, they also come in steel or aluminum. In this case the neoprene grommet is made to grip to cord jacket to provide strain relief. They are available in a range of sizes.

An Ethernet cord connector is a device to connect two Ethernet cables. It is simply a small box into one end of which one cable is plugged, while the other is plugged into the other end. In this way, two shorter Ethernet cables may be used instead of a single longer cable.

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