What are the Different Types of Cord Adapters?

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The world of electronics seemingly has a cord for everything, and when those cords don't match the desired device, other cord or power supply, cord adapters are needed. For use with everything from computers to headphones to extension cords, there are a variety of adapter cords available. They might share the same purpose, but each has a unique set of hardware for fitting together.

A cord adapter plugs into the power cable of an electronic device, usually to allow for power to properly flow. Other cord adapters are made to connect two devices. They are characterized by a pronged end, also known as the male end, and an end with plug holes, the female end. Adapters come in a variety of lengths to serve many purposes.

An AC cord adapter is one of the most common types of cord adapters. It comes in many forms but always allows electronic devices to plug directly into a wall socket with a two- or three-pronged end. Computer power cables and extension cords are common types of adapters.

The coaxial cable cord adapter is another popular type of connection device. These cord adapters commonly are found connecting pieces of audiovisual equipment to one another. They are often, but not always, easily identified as the triple cluster of white, red and yellow plugs. These connect items such as a DVD player to a television or a surround sound speaker system to a receiver.


A headset cord adapter is a handy device that commonly is used by lovers of high audio quality. Typically, high-end headsets have larger quarter-inch (6.35 mm) input jacks, and lower cost headsets have smaller eighth-inch (3.1 mm) inputs. Personal music devices such as iPods and compact disc players generally accept only the smaller jacks, and larger stereos usually accept only the larger plugs. Cord adapters are available to convert either headset type into the other in order to enjoy the listening experience through any type of headphone.

The international cord adapter has been utilized by world travelers for many years. These cord adapters allow for electrical devices that have power cords designed for one type of wall socket to fit into another. These not only change the plug formation but control the voltage so the device does not short out. One of the more common types converts products using American Power Conversion to use the European standard SCHUKO plugs and the other way around.


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Post 2

@JaneAir - I've discovered over the years that some people are just not technologically capable. It seems easy to you, but it just doesn't compute in their brain!

My boyfriend deals with a lot of these people all the time. He's an audiovisual technician, so cord adapters are pretty much second nature to him. However, he's always helping other employees at the hotel he works at. People always think they can hook up the AV equipment by themselves, but they just can't!

Post 1

I really like when cord adapters are color coded, as is the case with DVD player cords. All you have to do is plug the cord into the slot of the correct color. What could be easier?

I actually had a roommate a few years ago that could never figure out how to get the DVD player plugged into the TV. I never understood what she found so difficult about it!

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