What Are the Different Types of Cookie Cupcakes?

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Cookies and cupcakes are delectable treats all on their own, but when cupcakes are inspired by a particular cookie flavor, they can be downright decadent. Chocolate chip and chocolate chunk cookie cupcakes are two versions that chocoholics would likely devour. The Oreo® variety is for those who love the cookies of the same name, but also enjoy them in cupcake form. Peanut butter and oatmeal raisin are two types of well-loved cookies that inspired cookie cupcakes. Lemon ginger may not be a cookie many are familiar with, but some consider them delicious enough to turn into cupcakes.

Chocolate chip cookie cupcakes are for those who adore chocolate chip cookies but want to try them in a different form. They require basic ingredients already found in most kitchens, including butter, vanilla, and baking powder. Those who want something more chocolatey can substitute the chocolate chips with bigger chunks of semisweet chocolate.

Peanut butter cookie cupcakes typically taste exactly like their flat crunchy counterparts. Most recipes require the same ingredients including eggs, sugar, flour, and, of course, creamy peanut butter, while others have optional ingredients such as sour cream. Some put frosting on top, something rich such as double-chocolate or cream cheese frosting, while others use a fork to make lines in the batter similar to what many peanut butter cookies have. To change it up, throw chocolate chips into the recipe and pair it with a double-chocolate frosting.


Oreos® are an extremely popular cookie, but they're also used to create Oreo® cookie cupcakes. An entire package of cookies is used to create 24 cupcakes, but the baker may be short a few if she can't resist eating a couple while baking. The cookies aren't only crushed into the mix; there's also an intact cookie on the bottom of each liner and a mini one added to the top.

Lemon ginger cookie cupcakes aren't always made in the standard cupcake form. Another option is to leave the cookies intact and alternate them with a mix of whipped cream, sugar, and vanilla. Top add a little more color, top them off with a little lemon zest — a bit of lemon peel is already necessary for the recipe, so it'll prevent the peel from going to waste.

The tops of oatmeal raisin cookie cupcakes typically end up looking very similar to their cookie counterparts. The recipe requires similar ingredients to those for the cookies. Rolled oats, coconut flakes, and oat bran are some extra ingredients necessary to complete the recipe.


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