What Are the Different Types of Construction Industry Software?

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Construction industry software generally includes programs designed to manage projects and job costs. Construction industry applications may also consist of programs to manage payroll administration. This type of program is typically used by contractors and company management. Purchasing and inventory software are other essential resources for contractors in the construction industry.

Contractors who manage a long-term project often use a construction industry software referred to as general contractor software. Construction projects differ according to various factors, therefore software programs will differ as well. In general contractor software, a helpful tool known as bid management may help solicit bidding from subcontractors needed for the job. This type of general software package often includes a scheduling tool as well.

Electricians often require construction industry software that focuses on the electrical aspect of construction work, called electrical contractor software. Electrical project managers will often use this construction industry software as well, which may include a labor analysis report. When there are issues that require immediate attention, a software tool known as a troubleshooter report will summarize all problems on a particular job. Electronic work order processing may also be included in this type of software program.


Contractors involved in residential home building will utilize a home builder's software program. This program may help with lot purchasing costs, primarily on a multi-building project. Scheduling and inventory tasks may also be organized using tools included with this type of software.

Demolition workers are involved in tearing down buildings and other structures, and special construction industry software programs help with the demolition contractor's job. Equipment management software will help the contractor decide which type of equipment to use for each project. This software may also include tools for employee management, which is helpful for keeping track of every worker's responsibility on a particular job.

Plumbing contractors software is another type of program. This software is especially designed for plumbing contractors in the construction industry. This may be helpful for bidding and job management for plumbing jobs. Some software programs may also feature a section that includes a listing of available plumbing subcontractors who may be hired for a particular job.

Another type of construction industry software is designed for remodeling and renovation projects. This software package features several sub-categories such as management for kitchen remodeling and renovation, or whole home restoration. The software may also include separate sections for managing commercial building renovation, as well as residential remodeling.


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