What are the Different Types of Computer Training?

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While there are many different types of computer training available, they can typically be separated based on the type of training available and the subjects covered. This sort of training can occur in person, such as in a classroom or through an apprenticeship program, or may occur through online courses. Training for working with computers can often focus either on dealing with software or hardware, though both categories are often utilized. There are also types of computer training available for fields other than computers or information technology (IT), which utilize computers in providing training.

Computer training can refer to a number of different things, though it is often used in reference to training required to work with computers in the IT industry. Some of the most common types of training for using computers occur in a classroom or other environment in which students interact directly with a teacher. Classes are often utilized for learning about computer software, especially for computer programming, though courses in hardware are often conducted in a classroom as well. There are also computer training courses offered through distance learning programs, such as online classes.


Different types of computer training can also be categorized based on what will be covered. Computer software is one of the major areas of study in this type of training. This sort of software training can be fairly simple and basic in scope, such as classes that teach students how to use software commonly found in professional environments and offices. It can also be quite complex and may involve writing code and programming to create new software programs.

Other computer training is available to assist students with learning about different types of hardware. These sorts of classes are often important for those interested in working in networking and creating physical computer infrastructures for businesses. This type of work will often include both software and hardware, however, as most IT positions require training in both aspects.

Computer training can also refer to training in other fields that can be completed utilizing computer hardware and software. Such training can be provided by colleges and universities, often as distance learning courses. There are also computer training programs utilized by businesses to help employees learn about company policies and government regulations, such as sexual harassment training, or to teach new employees about the duties they will have while working.


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Post 3

@MrsPramm - Yeah, I'd advise people to do a bit of training, even if it's just online computer training if they are going to be using computers for any amount of time.

It always makes me think of people who talk about how unrealistic the Harry Potter books and movies were because the kids weren't enthusiastic about learning spells and just treated it like normal homework.

But we've all got this amazing gadget that might as well be magic and can do so many incredible things just sitting in our homes. And the large majority of people only ever use it for typing and looking at pictures. That's just the way the world is, I guess, but you can take advantage of education and learn how to do something special any time you want.

Post 2

@Fa5t3r - I think that can be good advice within reason. But only if there isn't any data to lose on the computer. I mean, if someone who doesn't know any better just yanks out an external drive without removing it from the system, they can lose a whole bunch of data in one go (that happened to my mother and she was heartbroken).

When you add the internet into the mix you have even more problems, as a lot of the scams and malware is geared towards people who don't know what they're doing and will just download anything that looks nice.

People shouldn't live in fear of their computers, but there are plenty of free computer training courses out there and a good primer on what not to do is probably a good idea.

Post 1

If you haven't ever really used a computer much before or you've got a new program that you want to learn, I think the best advice is to just play with it for a while. Unless you do something drastic, you aren't going to hurt it. Most modern systems are built to be extremely user friendly and I feel like most of the time the reason people feel like they aren't good with computers is simply a matter of confidence.

Try stuff out, play around and if all else fails, turn it off and on again.

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