What Are the Different Types of Computer Software for Kids?

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There are many types of computer software for kids. Some types of software are intended just for fun while others are used for educational value. There are also many types that are used for creativity purposes. For example, there are programs that allow children to create cards, posters, or online scrapbooks. Interestingly, even those programs that are designed just for fun may prove helpful for development and education; such games may help to improve a child's hand-eye coordination as well as his basic computer skills, for instance.

One of the main types of computer software for kids is designed just for fun; these games do not technically have educational value but may provide children with hours of entertainment. In many cases, however, such games do hold value for their players. For example, even games intended only for fun may help a child develop strategy and problem-solving skills. Games that fit in this category may also help children develop the ability to focus. Additionally, such just-for-fun games may even help children develop better computer skills and improved hand-eye coordination.


A large category of computer software for kids is intended for educational purposes. There is, however, great variation when it comes to the types of software in this category. For example, there is software that is intended to teach new concepts as well as selections that are helpful for the review of topics or homework. The range of subjects for which a person may find children's educational software is both wide and varied. For instance, there are educational programs designed for learning foreign languages, improving writing skills, and developing drawing and painting ability; children's software may teach math and science concepts as well, and even help a child learn programming.

Some software creators also design software for kids that is intended to encourage creativity. For example, there are programs that allow children to create artwork, greeting cards, and stickers. Some creativity-based programs allow children to explore photography, building, and website design. There are even some programs that allow children to design their own computer programs.

It is important to note that there isn't always a clear dividing line between computer software for kids that is just for creativity and selections that are intended for education. Many fun programs also provide some learning value and vice versa. Likewise, children can both learn and have fun from a program that is intended for creativity.


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Post 3

You can actually get whole computers which are designed for children.

They are usually much cheaper, and more sturdy than an ordinary computer. Generally they can only do a few things though.

I also once bought for a young cousin, this system that was designed to be used with an ordinary computer.

It had a keyboard that fitted over the usual keyboard but had bigger keys for children's hands and it loaded up reading and math computer software for young children.

It was a bit clunky so I don't know how much it was used, particularly once his parents got a tablet. Kids pick up how to use that kind of thing really fast and having a touch screen made it much easier for my cousin to do whatever he wanted with it (obviously under a lot of supervision!).

Post 2

My nephew really loves a handful of TV shows like Spongebob and Dora the Explorer. So, whenever we play a game together I try to find an educational one which contains those characters.

There are quite a few of them to choose from. They can be more or less educational though.

I find the Dora ones are often quite good. The show itself is educational without being too boring for adults and the educational computer software generally has the same sort of approach.

It's good because my nephew isn't really old enough yet to understand intuitively what to do with a computer game.

But, he does understand Dora, so he picks up how to play very quickly.

Post 1

There are some amazing programs out there to teach children software development.

They usually use a kind of building block approach, rather than trying to teach actual code. So, the kids get to have the fun of designing and implementing a game without having to learn the code.

They can make games or little videos or anything really. Often the program will become more flexible and advanced for older children.

The good thing is, they are generally made so that a kid can see how the software is put together, and what things are important to remember. So they are learning different aspects of software development that will be universal and useful when they do decide to learn a development code.

The best thing is, there are several free programs so almost any kid can have the chance to do this.

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