What Are the Different Types of Computer Security Systems?

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A wide range of different types of computer security systems can be used to provide security in a number of different ways. Software programs are available that allow someone to ensure the security of his or her computer from attacks by hackers and malicious software. There are also physical devices and hardware that can be used to prevent loss of data or physical theft of computer components such as steel cables and locks. Other types of computer security systems can be used to create a security or surveillance system through network cameras and other devices that allow for greater security in a home or business.

Computer security systems can refer to a number of different systems created to utilize computers in security. One of the most common and important forms of computer security systems is software that can be used to secure data and privacy on a computer system. This can range from antivirus programs and firewalls that prevent malicious software from getting onto a computer, to spyware and rootkit scanners that find malware if it has already made its way onto a system. There are also programs that are used by computer security professionals to trace the source of an attack against a system to find hackers responsible for such activities.


Other computer security systems can include the use of hardware and physical components that protect a computer system. This can include a dongle that attaches to a computer and is required to provide access to that system, allowing someone to keep the dongle safe to protect against unauthorized access. Biometric scanners can be used as part of computer security systems to use retinal or thumbprint scans to identify authorized users for a system. Steel cables and locks are often used to physically secure a system onto a desk or other type of furniture in order to prevent theft of computer components and devices.

There are also computer security systems that can be created in order to provide surveillance and security for a home or business. Cameras can be set up that connect to a wireless computer network, allowing someone to access and view images through cameras from a computer on that network. These systems can even allow Internet access to the network, which allows someone at a remote location to log into the security system with a username and password and view images through the cameras on that system. Such computer security systems have made surveillance easier and more powerful, giving security professionals and homeowners greater tools to ensure the safety and security of their belongings and employees or family members.


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