What Are the Different Types of Computer Security Cables?

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Different types of computer security cables are typically categorized either by the way in which they can be connected to a computer system or by the type of lock used on them. Cables for desktop computers and similar components might simply fit through loops and other areas on the components to keep them secure. Some cables, however, can be directly connected to a computer, either through a particular slot on the computer or through a laptop connection. Many computer security cables also come with locks as part of the cable, and these can include both keyed locks and combination locks.

Computer security cables are lengths of cable, usually steel cables that cannot easily be cut, which are used to fasten computer components and devices to a larger object such as a desk or cart. Cables for use with desktop computers can often be run through clips connected to the computer and to the desk to ensure a strong hold. These clips may be fastened onto computer devices using powerful adhesive that forms a nearly permanent bond, while metal fasteners can be physically installed onto a desk or cart. Such computer security cables usually end in loops to make fastening them to such systems easier.


There are also computer security cables designed to connect directly to different pieces of hardware and computer equipment through an electronic connector. Some cables, for example, can be used to lock a monitor directly to a computer system through the use of a monitor cable that includes a lock while allowing a signal to be transmitted to a monitor. Laptops are also commonly connected to a cart or desk through these types of computer security cables. Many laptops are designed with a security slot that is part of the body of the laptop, and cables can be connected directly to these slots for a more secure connection.

Computer security cables can also be categorized based on the types of locks used on them, regardless of how they can connect to different pieces of equipment. Keyed locks are quite common, and these cables usually come with two keys that can be kept by maintenance or security professionals at a business. These are usually small cylinder locks and keys, though some cables with loops may work with standard padlocks. There are also some computer security cables that have a built-in combination lock that can be used, which prevents the lock from being disengaged without the right combination of numbers selected.


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