What are the Different Types of Computer Science Jobs?

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There are many different types of computer science jobs to choose from. Deciding on a computer related career can be challenging because of the many choices. Once you know that you want to work with computers, it is important to narrow your selection even further. The best way to do this is to understand what is involved in each job, and then consider your own skills and education.

Computer programming is one of the computer science jobs that many people first think of when they think of computer careers. Computer programmers write code for software. There are a variety of computer programming languages that are used, and learning more than one can enhance your employability. Computer programmers must be analytical, and detail-oriented, because the smallest mistake can lead to an entire project not functioning properly.

Web developing is another computer science job. Some web developers work primarily in the programming section, using java, flash, and other web-based languages to build websites. Other web developers work as designers, building the layout of the website in an attractive and functional manner. Some web developers fulfill both functions, designing and creating websites from the ground up.


Another choice in computer science jobs that many people find appealing is game developer. A game developers work in programming, graphics design, or concept development. Specialists in each of these areas typically collaborate as a team, taking the game idea, and building it through multiple levels. The game will run through many levels of quality checking and troubleshooting before it is deemed complete, and is shipped to stores. Most of the people working on the game will have a computer science background, however those with marketing, business, or law backgrounds are also closely involved at various stages.

Animation artistry is another field of computer science that is popular and interesting. Animation artists can work on computer programs, or on movie productions. Animation artistry can be a competitive field, and a solid computer science education, as well as a background in art can strengthen your resume.

Other computer science jobs that are in high demand, involve technical support. Support of computer systems is needed in all areas of the work force. Support personnel may be employed by a law firm, hospital or any other non-computer related company to provide computer support. Many computer professionals enjoy these types of positions, because they offer autonomy, while still allowing the employee to do the job that he loves. Others may find the job frustrating when they realize how little the rest of the population knows, or cares, about how a computer works.


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Post 4

Cupcake15- Another great area in the field of computer science is web development. A website is critical for a business to establish them on the internet.

A great website attracts viewers and those viewers turn into customers. The more elaborate your web development skills are the more opportunities you will have. Staying on top of the latest and greatest in web development is a must.

Familiarity with Dreamweaver 3, Photoshop 5.5, Adobe Golive and Flash 4 are critical. Sometimes learning new technology makes older technology obsolete.

Post 3

Crispety- I used to be a recruiting manager for technical staffing firm and I can tell you you're absolutely right.

People seeking computer science opportunities should really try to get as much hands-on experience possible. Many of the contractors working with our firm had great salaries and had the flexibility of taking time off between projects when they chose to.

An average programmer for our firm, for example earned from $40 to $65 per hour. In addition, those on long term contracts would receive health and tuition reimbursement benefits from us. The technology field is just like the medical field in that you have to keep on top of the latest technology. This makes you more marketable and earns more money in the long run.

Post 2

SurfNturf- Having a computer science degree is important, but the hands on experience is far more important.

This is especially true if you look for contract work. Many computer science job opportunities include programming and network security. Those with experience writing code or experience adding and deleting users and setting up security parameters for networks are in high demand.

For the field of computer science it is better and more marketable to get Microsoft certifications, MCSE which is for the Microsoft service engineer.

When employers see that you have experience in the field and have product certifications, you will make more money than having a graduate degree in computer science. If you specialize in an area like programming, or network security you should have no problems finding work.

Post 1

The computer science job opportunities are among the best right now. Jobs for computer science degree holders range from a PC technician, network administrator, computer programmer, system analysts and project managers.

In order to obtain entry level computer science jobs it is best to obtain an internship in college and begin fixing people's computers so you can obtain enough knowledge to get a position upon graduation.

Some companies hire level one support help desk specialists for recent college graduates. They usually offer a training program and upon graduation of the program you move into your position.

A help desk technician has to have a lot of patience because callers generally have very little experience with computers. Often when people call they are anxious and want their problem resolved right away.

Excellent communication skills are really important for this position because the customers tend to get very frustrated and impatient.

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