What Are the Different Types of Computer Programming Tutorials?

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Different computer programming tutorials are based around specific programming languages or platforms used in programming software. Common languages, such as C and its variations, often have tutorials for someone interested in learning that language. Platforms or utilities often used in programming typically have tutorials as well, and many of these tutorials may be offered by professional programmers or companies that create these platforms. There are also computer programming tutorials based on programming for specific purposes, such as artificial intelligence (AI) or video games and other graphical applications.

Some of the most common computer programming tutorials are those designed to help people learn to begin using various programming languages. The languages known as C and its numerous variations are among the most popular languages used in programming. Many computer programming tutorials are available at a variety of websites and through a number of different books to help someone begin to learn programming using C or a similar language. These tutorials are often designed with a tiered approach, providing tutorials specifically for beginners who have no experience with programming and then providing additional tutorials for more experienced users.


There are also a number of computer programming tutorials designed to help people learn to use different platforms and utilities often used in programming software. These include tutorials for applications and platforms such as Visual and Java, which often use syntaxes and other features that make them different from other programming methods. People interested in professional computer programming often use these tutorials to learn about such platforms, and there are typically various levels for these tutorials as well. This wide range of tutorials helps new programmers begin to learn about different languages and methodologies.

Some computer programming tutorials are developed to help people learn to program specific types of software, often presenting solutions for common problems. These tutorials are often designed for amateur or beginning programmers, and can include subjects such as video game programming and creating AI programs. Video game programming usually requires an understanding of various syntaxes and languages, as well as specific talents and knowledge with regard to developing user interfaces and developing software to render graphics. Computer programming tutorials for AI programming often begin with an overview of different approaches to AI, and provide experienced programmers with initial guidelines for developing simple AI software.


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