What are the Different Types of Computer Certification Courses?

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In the world of information technology there is a wide and varied selection of computer certification courses to consider. These courses are available in such areas as computer repair and maintenance, networking, database administration and security. There also is an array of certification courses regarding the installation and management of various operating systems. Certifications for website design, website development and graphic arts have become popular as well.

Among the more popular choices for certification are courses in the field of networking. In the networking arena, computer certification courses are divided between courses that contend with the physical aspects of networking and those that center on software management. The physical side of networking involves the actual configuring and connecting of devices such as routers, switches and wireless components that make up the physical network.

The other side of networking, the software management side, involves managing the network’s operating system. This includes such tasks as setting up user accounts, assigning privileges and setting security levels. Computer certification courses in this field usually are specific to the type of operating system being utilized.


For a person with limited education and experience seeking an entry level-position in the technology sector, computer certification courses are a good option. In this instance, a certification course that provides a general, overall knowledge of how computers operate would be a proper choice. Information regarding operating systems and their functions also should be included. Another popular choice of computer certification courses involves database administration. Databases are the driving force behind many computer applications and websites.

Certification courses can be attained in several ways. Most technical schools offer programs that will lead to certification. Courses also can be taken online or completed as an in-home study program. In most cases, a comprehensive exam must be passed after completion of the course in order to receive certification.

Which particular certification to pursue depends on a variety of factors. Chief among those factors is an individual’s specific area of interest. Additionally, the individual's levels of knowledge, education and experience play a vital role.


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@Mammmood - Yes, I’ve read that the Microsoft developer level tests are hard to pass. I’d recommend that you take IT certification courses with a technology lab that focuses on passing these tests, rather than generic courses at a local community college.

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Computer certification makes a big difference in the computer programming field. You can pursue a Microsoft certification, for example, for their developer, networking and engineering specialties.

Having these certifications on your resume will mean a big boost in your salary potential. I won’t kid you, however. You will have to take courses and the tests themselves are hard.

Sometimes you can download sample tests to work with. They’re well worth the time and effort. These certifications will open up a lot of doors for your computer career.

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