What Are the Different Types of Community Development Online?

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People who are interested in community development are interested in bringing together people who have similar interests. For example, people who live in the same neighborhood might be said to live in the same community. They might perform initiatives together in which they clean up litter or think of strategies to fight crime. Communities also exist among people who have similar hobbies and interests, backgrounds, beliefs and even consumer habits. Some of the most common types of community development online occur on social networking sites, forums and blogs.

It is common for people who have real-world interests to perform community development online. For instance, a neighborhood community group might set up an online forum where members can talk about issues that directly affect their community. Community development online enables participants to discuss important issues at virtually any time and from almost any location where there is an Internet connection. Instead of having to meet at times when all of the participants are available, community members are able to enter their thoughts about related issues whenever they have the time.


Social networking sites provide many opportunities for people who are interested in community development online. These sites often allow users to set up profiles and chat with others who might be interested in the same kinds of sports, movies, games or music. Many people also use social networking sites to keep up with real-life community development online. In other words, family members, friends, classmates and coworkers might use these sites to keep up with one another's achievements.

Many businesses can also be said to have communities. As a matter of fact, marketers of organizations that sell popular products commonly refer to their client bases as communities. When they are interested in community development online, they might set up web pages and blogs where consumers can learn more about products and ask related questions. Consumers might also visit these sites to learn about deals or to purchase products directly.

Another kind of community development online occurs when people go on the Internet to play games. Many users participate in multi-player video games, which enable them to play with and against people whom they never have met. Participants might have the ability to develop their own landscapes and characters.

Proponents of community development online believe that it makes it easier for people who have similar interests and ideas to reach each other, especially when information is urgent or time sensitive. Opponents, on the other hand, believe that online community development can restrict face-to-face interactions. Instead of engaging with people one-on-one, Internet users might spend too much time by themselves on their computers.


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