What are the Different Types of Commercial Refrigeration?

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There are several common types of commercial refrigeration units that are used by different industries. Units come in a variety of sizes from small display cases to entire refrigerated warehouses. Industries such as restaurants, florists, and food processing companies commonly use refrigeration.

One of the more common types of commercial refrigeration units is the walk-in refrigerator or freezer. These units form an entire room that workers can enter. They are able to store a large number of goods and can keep them cold or frozen economically. The materials used in these units retain the cold while offering easy access to the goods through a door. Refrigerated warehouses are also used in businesses that require a large area to be cooled or for those that must perform work in refrigerated areas.

Another type of commercial refrigeration unit is the display case. This unit is usually upright with a clear door that slides or opens on hinges to allow customers access to the goods inside. The glass doors used in these displays keep the cold air inside, which helps make the units energy efficient.

Commercial refrigeration units may also be constructed as displays without doors. Though a great deal of cold escapes from these units, the principles of thermodynamics make them less wasteful than it would initially appear. The cold air pumped into the system sinks towards the ground, and many of these units are built with a lower storage area that traps the cold air inside the unit.


There are a number of businesses that use refrigeration. Grocery stores and restaurants are common users of the technology, though florists also use commercial refrigeration units to keep flowers fresh for longer periods of time. Additionally, people involved in meat or dairy processing or packing make use of commercial refrigeration.

Commercial refrigeration units are designed to increase the amount of cold air that remains in the system. This protects the environment by requiring that the units use less of the chemicals, such as the hydrochlorofluorocarbons that are needed for the refrigeration process, while helping the business owner save money on the cost of operating these units. Most types of modern commercial refrigeration units are built to prevent leaks between the walls which helps to eliminate wasted coolant.


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