What Are the Different Types of Commercial Advertising?

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Some types of commercial advertising are radio ads, Internet ads, and television ads. Radio shows often profit by allowing companies to air brief commercials. Internet ads like banners, online video commercials, and text ads are also commonplace and a popular method of reaching potential customers. Television commercials and product placement are other ways of advertising a product or service. Lastly, there are print advertisements, which usually consist of displaying ads in newspapers and magazines.

Radio adverts play between music or talk shows, and they are usually shorter or around the same length as television ads. Sometimes companies pay the hosts of the show to endorse the product too. Many radio hosts are upfront when they are pushing a product, while others never let on that they were paid to say they like or use the product. Some radio shows do not have commercials, in which case the show can usually be financially sponsored in exchange for mentioning the company name and motto on air. While it depends on the radio show, radio advertisements are often some of the cheapest types of commercial advertising.


Internet advertising is another common commercial advertising strategy. Many types of Internet advertising exist, including banner ads, pop up ads, and video ads. Video ads on the Internet are typically less than 30 seconds and appear around short video clips as well as full-length television shows. Banner ads are usually situated either at the top of a web page or to the sides. Finally, pop-up ads are employed to appear in front of another web page in order to force a consumer to view them.

Television ads are types of advertisements, but there are several types of commercial advertising within this category. Businesses can advertise on TV by product placement, commercials, and closed caption sponsorships. The cost of TV ads fluctuates depending on the size of a network’s audience, but these types of commercial advertising are usually expensive.

Print advertisements can be included in many mediums, from magazines and newspapers to fliers. With magazines and newspapers, the cost of advertising can vary significantly based on readership levels and the positioning of the ads. When it comes to fliers and pamphlets, however, the associated costs are very different. Instead of purchasing advertising space in another company’s publication, businesses must purchase the paper materials themselves. In addition, the distribution methods for these materials must be funded.


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Post 4

@StarJo – I prefer banner ads over video commercials online. I run a bridal shop, and I don't want to chase away potential customers by forcing them to watch my ad, whether they want to or not.

I put a banner ad on several local websites, like the nearby radio stations, the TV station, and the city's official page. The banner ad has a beautiful photo of a bride in one of our dresses, an attractive background, fancy text, and the basic information about us.

More importantly, the ad has a link to our website. All the viewer has to do is click the link to be directed to us, and from there, they can see more of what we have to offer or even schedule an appointment for a fitting.

Post 3

Online video commercials sometimes hold the audience captive. Often, if you want to watch a certain clip or video, you have to watch a short advertisement first. You don't have the option to skip it.

This is a good way to get your message out there, if you don't mind annoying a few people. I only find it mildly annoying. Since it's only a few seconds long, I can put up with it.

Some online videos do offer you the option to skip the advertisement, though. I would think that the ones you can't skip would reach a much larger audience, because the majority of people will fast forward through commercials.

Post 2

@OeKc05 – I have to say that I think product placement is pretty effective. On more than one occasion, I have been watching a movie and saw a certain brand of soda or food from a fast food chain and suddenly developed a craving for it.

To me, it's the power of the visual mixed with my knowledge of how good something tastes. To some people, it's the lure of drinking or eating the same thing their favorite actors are consuming.

Either way, it works. If I were in control of advertising for a major corporation, I would definitely use product placement.

Post 1

I have noticed product placement on a couple of television shows recently. Both involved a certain brand of car. The actors were driving that car with a passenger inside, and they commented on its nice features.

I don't know if it was the same brand of car in both shows, but the same feature was illustrated and mentioned. In both situations, the actors started to swerve, but the car automatically corrected them and got them back on the path. The passengers acted surprised, and then the drivers explained what happened, being sure to mention the brand.

It's a sneaky form of advertising, and not everyone would put two and two together. To me, it stood out as blatant advertising, but that may be because I'm in the business.

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