What are the Different Types of Closet Systems?

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Closets can hold a variety of items, but are commonly used for linens, bathroom supplies, cleaning supplies, coats and outerwear, sporting equipment, and clothes, but may also function as supply cupboards for a home office or kitchen. Closet systems are a standardized approach to closet organization. The term closet systems generally refers to purchased setups, either pre-built or built by the user or a contractor, rather than to individually devised closet organization schemes, conceived and made by either the homeowner or a contractor. There are a number of types of closet systems that suit different purposes and spaces.

One of the types of closet systems is the one-piece insert. This is one large organizer with a variety of different components, which may include rods and hangers, shelving, racks, cabinets, cubbies, and specialized storage for shoes, for example. This type of closet system works best in a standard-sized closet — a closet under the eaves or a very long, thin closet may not work easily with a pre-fab system.


A closet system could also be made up of smaller collections of the different types of items that make up the all-in-one system: a shelf system, a rack system, or a rod and hanger system, for example. Other components include hanging undershelf baskets, tie racks, hanging storage — such as sweater bags, daily organizers, shelf dividers, towel racks, peg racks, and over-door storage. Specialty items include jewelry drawers, tilt-out hampers, and a security drawer in a bedroom; stemware holders, spice racks, and wine racks in a kitchen; and tool holders for a garage or utility room.

Another way to look at the types of closet systems is to look at the component materials. Wire rack closet systems, for example, are popular in laundry rooms and garages, but bare wire may not seem fitting for a bedroom closet. Coated wire, often available in white is another approach. Laminate shelves and cabinets — which can range from industrial grey to clean white to faux wood finish — are another oft-found material used in closet systems. High-end closet systems may be made of hardwood and have elegant hardware for the drawer pulls.


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