What Are the Different Types of Clonazepam Pills?

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The types of clonazepam pills may differ by how they’re taken and they differ in strength. Some countries also manufacture an elixir, and some regions carry injectable forms of the drug, which quickly hit the bloodstream with greater bioavailability. Depending on the country, clonazepam may be available in generic form, or under trade names and it might be sold in places like the US under the name Klonopin®.

Clonazepam pills are available in either a simple tablet form that is taken with water or another liquid, or as wafer, which is quick dissolving. Wafers tend to be produced in very low dose forms, such as strengths of 0.125, 0.25, and 0.5 mg. These may be appropriate for use in the pediatric population. Their quick dissolving action means children aren’t required to swallow the medicine with water. Some adults may also prefer wafers since they also act more quickly than standard clonazepam pills. To this end, the numerous manufacturers of these medications often produce wafers in one and two milligram strengths, which, for some people may make taking medicine easier.


The basic clonazepam pill has several dosing options, too. Pills with a half, one, and two-milligram strengths are usually available. For patients being treated with many anxiety disorders, the dose might only mean one or two pills at a time. Dosage can be more challenging for those with seizure disorders or who are in the midst of a manic episode. In some cases, patients might require as much as 20 mg of clonazepam a day, which can mean taking 10 two-milligram pills a day. This can be a little difficult for people who have trouble swallowing pills, though dosing usually occurs two to three times a day, minimizing the number of pills that must be swallowed at once.

Patients may be interested in the physical appearance of clonazepam pills, but it is difficult to provide this information without accidentally creating confusion. Depending on the manufacturer, size, color and imprints can vary. What is typically more helpful are pharmacy descriptions of the medication that are often given on handouts the pharmacy includes when they sell medication. If people note a discrepancy between the pharmacy description and what’s in the bottle, they should bring that to the attention of their pharmacist before taking the medicine.

There is reason to exercise caution when taking clonazepam pills in any form. These benzodiazepines are beneficial in treating anxiety conditions and some seizure disorders, but they have strong effects. Typically classed as muscle relaxants or tranquilizers, they may cause considerable sedation and sleepiness. No matter the type of pill, it should be used exactly as directed and this medication should never be shared with others.


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