What Are the Different Types of Civilian Jobs Overseas?

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Civilian jobs simply refer to those types of jobs that are not restricted to military personnel, in which case civilian jobs overseas indicate those types of jobs that may be performed by nonmilitary affiliated employees overseas. The choice of civilian jobs overseas are many and are actually dependent on the particular industry in which the job applicant wants to work. Bearing this in mind, the types of civilian jobs overseas include jobs in education, the travel and tourism industry, the construction industry, the fashion industry, and other numerous types of jobs, including those in the oil and gas industry.

The types of civilian jobs overseas include those that are related to the fashion industry like modeling, working as a fashion photographer, and working as a designer or a makeup artist. Models routinely work in different countries of the world on photo shoots, TV adverts and other types of fashion-related jobs. In the same way, fashion photographers also work in various countries of the world where their services may be required.


The tourism industry is a good source of civilian jobs overseas due to the fact that it involves a lot of subsectors that span areas like tourism, entertainment and the hospitality sector. For example, civilian jobs overseas in the tourism industry could be positions that do not require a high degree of skill sets, such as working as a bartender or a waitress, or they could be positions that actually require some degree of training and skill acquisition, such as working as a chef or a cook in a restaurant. Other civilian jobs overseas in the tourism industry include working as disk jockeys in nightclubs or bars and working as musicians, either as singers or the players of some form of musical instruments. Even the sports sector offers opportunities for working overseas in the form of coaching jobs or working as athletes in other countries.

Other forms of overseas employment include jobs in industries like the oil and gas sector. People who want to work overseas can work in these sectors in different capacities that include engineers, geologists and other professionals who are routinely sent to different sites or stations as a normal part of their jobs. The construction industry can also provide opportunities for civilian jobs overseas.


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