What are the Different Types of Chimney Construction?

Autumn Rivers

Although there are a number of different types of chimney construction, the two most common types are masonry and manufactured chimneys. All chimneys must perform the main functions of carrying smoke from the house and feeding the fire with air. Those two basic tasks are fulfilled by both main chimney types, but getting an idea of each one's advantages and what makes them different is helpful when selecting a new chimney.

Masonry chimneys are more expensive than manufactured ones.
Masonry chimneys are more expensive than manufactured ones.

Masonry construction is one of the most common types. The resulting chimney is typically part of the structure. Materials range from brick to stone, with a clay tile liner to hold the materials together. This kind of chimney construction requires a baked clay flue lining for both easy cleaning and safety.

Proper chimney and flue construction are crucial to maintaining the safety of wood-burning fireplaces in homes.
Proper chimney and flue construction are crucial to maintaining the safety of wood-burning fireplaces in homes.

The other main type of chimney construction is the manufactured chimney, which is constructed in a factory and then transported to the house or building to be assembled. This type is usually made with metal and should be used with a solid fuel heater rather than natural gas. There are several specific types of manufactured chimneys, none of which require a liner.

The double-wall, mass-insulated chimney is made of two metal layers, with insulation between them. The insulation absorbs the heat inside the chimney, and the two sheets of stainless steel can contain any heat not absorbed by it. This is in contrast to air-cooled chimneys, which simply have air between the two metal layers. The fact that the air circulates helps the heat eventually dissipate.

Air-insulated chimneys look similar to the air-cooled type, except air movement is restricted in this chimney construction. This means that instead of the air drawing the heat away until it dissipates, it simply insulates it. There are also some chimney designs that combine parts of all these types of manufactured chimneys.

Masonry chimney construction is the kind most people likely think of when they picture a chimney. This type appears traditional, but is expensive compared to manufactured chimneys. The latter is easy to install, but often requires a factory-built fireplace, as well.

Homeowners who are having trouble selecting the right chimney should first look at their fireplace instruction book. Many fireplaces only work with a specific type of chimney. If the instruction manual has been lost, one can usually be found online or at stores that sell fireplaces. When it doubt, it is best to consult a professional in the fireplace or chimney field. Mistakes in selecting or installing a chimney can result in a broken fireplace or even a house fire.

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@Monika - Yeah, I'm not surprised by the price difference either. I actually don't think it really matters which one you choose though, because in my opinion, a chimney is a chimney. I guess it just comes down to how much money you want to spend on brick chimney construction.


I'm not surprised that a masonry constructed brick chimney is more expensive than a manufactured chimney. Anything that is tailor made to the home, rather than mass-produced, is definitely going to be pricier than other options.


@SZapper - My grandparents did some renovations to their house awhile back, and they decided to add a fireplace. They did a ton of research to make sure they were getting the right kind of chimney to go with it.

In the end though, the contractors they hired were pretty knowledgeable about chimney construction details, so they probably could have just let them handle it. I think my grandparents really wanted to feel like they were involved in the process though, so I'm not surprised they spent so much time researching.


It's definitely important to make sure your fireplace chimney construction is appropriate for the kind of fireplace you have. Fireplaces are really nice, especially during the winter. It's very cozy to sit in front of a roaring fire with a nice cup of hot chocolate.

But you know what's not nice and cozy? A house fire! And as the article said, this can happen if you get the wrong chimney. So do your research!

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